Am I the only one that hates flap bags?

  1. I see so many beautiful Chanel bags, all flaps. I hate flaps for my needs. To me they are too hard to get in and out and then I think my stuff will fall out and I will get a mark on where the leather folds for the flap. I love tote bags and shoulder bags but there is not a hugs selection of bags that catch my eye. I see all these pretty flap bags and think why can't they do more in the bowler style or anything with a zipper on top. Just my opinion.
  2. The only thing I don't like about flaps are those ones with a double flap, really can't be bothered with that thats why I brought an E/W instead of a medium.
  3. hate is such a strong word!
    I don't prefer flaps at all. . . I never agree when people here say "everyone should own a Classic Flap" because they're not right for everyone.

    That said, I do own the Luxe Flap and it's not at all difficult to get in/out of and because it has a magnet inside, nothing falls out.
    I'd LOVE to own a python flap even though I am not a flap fan becasue it would be more for special occasion for me.
    I am a tote girl at heart and don't see that changing, but I don't "hate" flaps :p
  4. I have a few flaps, but I only use them for dressy occasions. I love totes and hobos for the easy access!
  5. I'm not a big flap fan either. But I do own the bag in my avatar which I don't use for everyday. Going in and out of that flap all the time would drive me crazy!! I can handle it for a night out though or lunch with my GFs.
  6. I use to feel that way, now I love them and want one in every color. They are just so feminine and you get use to the flap.
  7. im not going to say too much bc i LOVE the classic flaps and i plan on owning more in the future. i told my DH i will never part with them and i want to be buried with them when i die........rofl...:roflmfao::roflmfao: :roflmfao:

    hate is such a strong word!!
  8. 5 of my 7 bags are flaps... gillianna has a point they are hard to get in/out of , but it's all taking getting used to. i love the shape the style, the colors! the single flaps are fine the double flaps are hard, but i must admit i bought them for look and style not so much functionality.. :love:
  9. To each their own, but their the only CHANEL bag that I absolutely love (classic flaps and the reissue.) I can appreciate the others, but I prefer classics.
  10. i love the classic flaps, love everything about it, the twist lock, the shape, the little details of the pockets. I only wish they made a size in between the med and the jumbo. i will love my med. blk caviar w/ gold HW flap for a long time.
  11. I def. don't like flaps, I love the Chanel totes. I thoughtI was the only one actually. I felt the fact that I didn't like the classic flap meant that I wasn't a true Chanel fan. But I am...I'm obsessed with Chanel.....glad I'm not the only one who doesn't prefer the flap....although if someone were to say, "here, I don't want this anymore" I would never say "no! it's ugly!" if ya know what I mean. I would be happy w/ anything Chanel....
  12. I am the opposite, I LOVE flaps and never buy totes. I have never been a tote person, most likely b/c I never carry that much with me, so the flaps work perfect for me.

    I do find the GST and PST beautiful though, yet everytime I am deciding whether to buy either, I buy a flap.
  13. Up til recently, I only bought flaps. I love 'em and wasn't too thrilled with totes. I recently got a huge caviar tote on eBay and now I'm in love! I do agree that the flaps can be pain to get into but the totes seem the other extreme -- too easy to get into.

    I wish more people didn't like flaps .. leaves more for me to buy! :smile:
  14. I'm a "big bag" girl and I only like the totes for the time being. But I can maybe see myself getting a flap later on down the road. For now, I'm all about the large bags though!
  15. they are my TRUE LOVE :heart::heart::heart: ...

    this thread should be switched to " who dosn't love the flaps?" ;)