Am I the only one that feels like

  1. the Legacy Shoulder Bag is too small for her? I am 5'81/2'', maybe that is why? Or maybe I am just accustomed to BIG bags, but I tried it on today, and even located some in whiskey color, and couldn't sell myself on it. Too bad b/c it was super cute :sad:
  2. Sounds like you need a Mandy....personally they are too big for me which is why I'm looking at the legacy shoulder bag....but they're somewhat similar with the Mandy larger.
  3. Me too. I really like the shoulder bags, but feel they are just too small for me. Hmm, maybe I just carry around too much stuff. Anyway, I've got a mandy and really love it. If you're able to, I say go for a mandy.
  4. Maybe so, maybe the Mandy is better. I was actually surprised when I saw the shoulder bag, that's how small it looked to me! LOL
  5. I have a Leg. Shoulder coming..I HOPE I like it! I'm 5'5 and have a Large Carly and sometimes I feel like I could fall over when I have it loaded up. :nuts: I adore it though. :love:
  6. I have the Satchel bag and to me it's the perfect size! the mandy was kinda too big for me!
  7. I decided to get the "deceptively roomy bag" and it's hard to fit the things I normally carry, compact clutch wallet, stripe wristlet, 4x6planner, gloves, glasses. It's snug in there! Visually on me 5'3" it looks fine. But I won't get another one!
  8. Cheekers, I totally understand how you feel. I always feel that Coach demis or other bags of this particular range of size look small in comparison to me. I'm about the same height as you and it looks completely disproportionate in my POV. It's a little disheartening to be lured away from these small purses but at least the bigger ones allow for more room.
  9. im pettite so i just naturally gravititate towards bigger bags to compensate for my small size. i do like smaller bags and they look fine on me, i love big bags and i do consider the legacy shoulder bag to be big, the mandy...its gigantic
  10. This one?

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I'm about 5'9"...I made the strap as long as it could go...and it fits fine over my shoulder (without a bulky jacket on.) I fit everything in there I needed...and found the bag sat alot nicer on me once it was full of "stuff"/weight. you have me worried...does it look odd on me?
  11. ^ Dewey, I think it looks great! I think it has more to do with how much you want to take with you... I personally consider the legacy to be a medium size....

    I actually have room left over when I put my stuff in the shoulder bag... So apparently I am not carrying enough stuff with me! ;)
  12. Deweydrop, looks absolutely GORGEOUS. Don't worry over it. :yes:
  13. Dewey, that bag is so beautiful. I can't find that color anywhere! That bag is just right. :smile:
  14. No, no ... I think it is more me ... my issue ... think I am used to carrying a more substantial bag as far as size goes. You look great.
  15. ladies are sweet...thanks.

    be it known...I was NOT searching for compliments or anything...I just didn't know if I had "fat man in a little coat" action going on. hehehe