am I the only one that can't sleep???

  1. Is there anyone else awake I can't sleep I think i have insomnia it is now 4:35 am :wtf: and I can't sleep :shocked:
  2. I used to have that same problem about a year ago when I was superstressed with work, money probs, stupid relationship etc. Either I couldn't get sleep or woke up too early. I tried some herbal pills that help you sleep and they helped me. I don't know whether it's the placebo effect or do they actually work, but I feel they are a somewhat safer option to the sleeping pills doctors can give you.

    Then earlier this year the same not sleeping thing started all over again and I went to a acupuncturist! This is the best thing ever! I went there 3 times (once a week) and I have never slep better! No drugs needed and got help for some other minor problems at the same time. Perfect!! Higly recommended!
  3. ^^^hmm thanx for the advice I have thought going to a acupuncturist before for crazy reasong but now I am really consider it and I think it is the stress that doesn't let me rest...
  4. I used to have that too, for about 4 months. I used herbal pills too, didn´t really help me though.. Try to get some fresh air and exercise about an hour before going to bed, that could help.
  5. I take 1/2 an excedrin pm before going to bed. It helps me sleep through the night. (As you can see, I forgot to take it last night!)
  6. Yeah, I've gotten insomnia off and on for about 10 years. I got through periods where for 1-2 months at a time I sleep terribly for most days out of a week. It's not unusual to still be awake at 4am and have my alarm go off at 6am for work. I honestly still haven't found a solution - teas, herbs, candles, more comfy pjs, better pillows, counting sheep cows dogs...nothings works...but I get to see allot of bad late night tv :p.
  7. ^^^lol I count from 100 to 1 backwards it kind of helps...
  8. Yikes! I had the same last night!
    I was really tired but I just couldn't sleep. It was 4 a.m. when I finally slept... and woke up again at 6 a.m.! Had a hectic day at school too (I always get a bit noisy and worked up if I didn't get enough sleep. Was a nice school day though, had lots of fun) so I'm soooo tired right now...

    Good idea about the counting back, I'll try it tonight!
  9. Me too...I always lay in bed for, like, 4 hours or something before I fall asleep. That, or I fall asleep right away, but when I wake up, I feel like I haven't slept at all. I've tried couting and stuff, but I don't really like dealing with math/numbers.
  10. Luckily I have never really had a problem sleeping... wish I knew a good way to tell you to help!
  11. I couldn't get to bed until probably after 4 a.m. and I had to get up way too early at 6:30. I have a horrible time going to bed early.
  12. It's 1:56am in the UK atm, I need some sleep but can't for some reason :/
  13. I am taking MsReya's advice and I made an apointment with an acupuncturist:nuts:
  14. I might need to do the same. I sometimes feel like I'm running a marathon when I'm lying in bed as my mind races and I lay there for hours thinking. There has to be some way to switch off. Let us know how the acupuncturist goes!!!
  15. i dont really have problems sleeping as such, i but i often have problems in positioning before i sleep. Its hard for me to sit still even when tried. this has been going on since i was a child, so no im not high on coffee or medication or toad licking lol. I contortion my body in all types of positions sometimes i like to be pressed against the wall etc. its really random, and i dont know how I will sleep with another person in my bed but its a dam annoying habit, and i cant help it. it can take up to 3 hours for me to sleep, but it eventually happens