Am I the only one? Stitching issues

  1. I'm starting to think that maybe I just have bad luck with my BV bags or something. A few months ago, I got my Quarzo Montaigne bag but had to take it back to BV in a week because the stitching was coming undone near the buckle. It still hasn't been fixed and they don't know how long it'd take.

    Then last week, I got myself a poudre deerskin chain bag with quarzo pvc trim. I've used it for a week and noticed today that one of the stitching has snapped (near the shoulder). I don't even carry much in my bags (just wallet, cellphone, keys, makeup bag). I'm not rough with my bags or anything and when I set my bag inside my work drawer, I always put it inside the dustbag first.

    What am I doing wrong? Stitching isn't supposed to come undone, right? I'm hesitant about taking it back to BV for fixing considering my Montaigne still hasn't come back ...
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    Have you checked back with BV re your Montaigne? It's been quite a long while! Surely they will have some form of follow up?

    I've had no experience with bad stitching on anything that I've got from BV, so no advice, except to check back with the store...

    I hope all your stitching issues get sorted soon!
  3. Regarding the Montaigne, they said that their in-house repair ppl sent the Montaigne back because they didn't have the right color threads (this was after holding onto the bag for a month!) so they are going to rush it to Italy. They couldn't give me an ETA on it nor can they promise me that it could be re-stitched. I kept asking them what can they do should the craft people there not re-stitch and they kept telling me rather evasively that they don't think it'll be an issue ... I'm going to bug them again about it tomorrow.

    I don't suppose I can ask for a refund now that it's been so long? The thing is, I've only had the Montaigne for a week. It's not a huge stitching issue but I can see it and it drives me nuts. And now my chain bag has issues too ... oi ...
  4. Yes unfortunately this is a common occurance and I'm surprised that things aren't being done to sooner regulate... since they do keep saying that it is made with a continuous piece of leather even though it's not... it's happened to my Cabat (pics attached) and also my friend's gold Sloane too. I had to get mine replaced. You can see where the ends are glued on although on the new replacement nothing's peeled off yet.
    cb2.jpg cb3.jpg cb4.jpg
  5. On second thought sorry I realize I'm talking about something entirely different - you meant stitching, not the weave... apologies, mine was about the weave
  6. wow - I haven't had any issue with either - although I agree that if they are going to say they weaving is from one piece of leather then it should be! maybe when they say that they don't mean that it is a continuous piece?
  7. oh my gosh - I just got a cabat and I did notice the pieces where the leather is flapped over and glued. I was worried about it coming apart. Bunkie, how long have you used yours before it started peeling? Did they replace the whole bag or just re-glue it? Scary!!!
  8. i have never heard or seen this before today. kou, you should demand that they replace -- not just fix -- your bags (unless you got the last ones). the first thing i'm doing when i get home is inspecting my bags.
  9. That's really bad luck, I think. I've not had issues with workmanship quality. For what BV gets for their bags and how they present them as such a luxury brand, you have every right to expect excellence and either top-notch repair or replacement if something fails.

    Good luck!
  10. It was actually brand new when it came that way, which was why I wanted to return it, especially given its price! :wtf:

    I did hear that there are no such issues with the normal woven/Interciatto, since it is actually a flat wide piece of lambskin with slits in it and then they take the strip of leather and weave it through the cut base... but with the double "basketweave" is where I guess the issues are. If it ever does happen, like boxermom said, I think you have a right to return it... since it is the quality that they tout so proudly.

    Yes, they replaced it with a brand new bag - because they did not have one in the store they ordered one in and then called me when it came. I must say that BV's customer service is great.
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    Bunkie - :wtf: That pic you took of your Cabat scares me!!!
  12. I had picked a white bag with yellow glue issues twice in a row but they were really helpful with it here and even though they would have had the right to repair it 3 times under German law they offered me a refund after the 2nd bag.
    I'm sure that they'll refund you immediately when you ask for it. My experience with BV is that they want longterm and happy customers.