Am I the only one spending more money

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  1. since I joined this forum? I love this place and I have learned so much - I check in constantly to see what's up - but I think as I'm turned on to more bags, I'm spending more. :oh: :nuts: :amuse:
  2. I fear that this is the case , and I have only been here for a month.

    I could not pass up a 50% Roxy today; who that is a fan of Mulberry would be able to?

    After NAP gets my anthracite wallet in I don't think I will be buying any more bags until the March - April timeframe. :P
  3. Are you saying you bot a Roxy at 50% off? If so, where??
  4. I see my custom title with each post I make and it reminds me.... No more bags 'til May! Only window shopping for me right now.
  5. Yes, I did.

    A totally legit upscale shop out of South Carolina.

    Click to enter the site then from the menu select sales items, then select the brand you want to view; they have many Mulberry bags at 50% off.

    I posted this is the Phoebe thread...I got an email from them this evening too; they had the bag still in stock and it shippd today via UPS. I am very excited to get such a good deal. :biggrin:
  6. Congrats! and thanks for the link:amazed:
  7. There's one in Atlanta too @ Phipps
  8. and it's my FAVORITE. their SAs are so much better than the ones in the department stores. i noticed this weekend that they had renamed it Jeffrey because the owner is Jeffrey Kalinsky, who owns the Jeffrey that's a few doors down from it and also the one in new york, too.

    i definately spend more money on bags since i started coming here because i'm much more informed, but i find myself spending LESS money on other things because my spending is more focused, so it actually kinda works out.
  9. haha I have been pretty much spending the same amount of money on bags as I did before, however I do spend a lot more time thinking about bags now that this forum is here.
  10. My list got alot longer ever since I joined this forum! :lol: And I feel like I'm always missing a bag in my closet now... :weird:
  11. i just checked out the bob ellis link and got the luella suzi for $300 less than at saks! thanks for the tip!:nuts:
  12. I spent a ridiculous (to me) amount on bags in the first place so fortunately it hasn't increased. What I enjoy about this forum is seeing new bags. And yes.....l continue to add to my list! :biggrin:
  13. I haven't spent more but am sure more pickey about what I want or will buy. My list has grown longer and will change with each post!
  14. i'm always spending the same but you people have very great taste and made me discover many things: for example the kooba and i bought the darel after seeing it in this forum....itwas the only place where i could find a photo of the bag, i remember there was a pink bag posted!!
  15. i'm trying to cut down on the bag buying... but it's not working very well!!!