Am I the only one sick of...


I run with scissors
Apr 22, 2006
Long and Low Farms
potential buyers asking "are you sure this is authentic"? when in the auction you say it is authentic and you post pics that show the evidence of the item being authentic? I get this question daily. I almost don't even want to bother to answer it anymore.
Jan 19, 2007
The Sunshine State
I don't get many of these- but I ask if I have any doubt. Recently I've noticed quite a few sellers posting Chanel sunglasses (I'm stalking for a new pair!) and saying "These are 100% authentic so please don't ask questions regarding authenticity" but it's the worst fake ever and isn't remotely convicing- the glasses or the case. Most of these sellers say "Got it as a gift" or something like that. I do my research (reading these forums, trying the item on in a store, comparing them to my authentic items, etc) and I know what to look for in most cases, but some people don't. Those are probably the type of people contacting you- since you say you list detailed pictures to prove its real. If they knew what authentic looked like, and saw that your pictures matched up, they probably wouldn't ask. It can be annoying- but with all the fakes out there it's better to be safe than sorry. Hope that made sense- I'm tired, so it might only make sense in my head!


Earth to Bella
Mar 22, 2006
haha....I have one better.............I just got an email from someone questioning an item I had just bought, basically asking about authenticity. They didn't flat out say it was fake, but.........I can appreciate someone emailing a buyer of a fake item to save them from payment, hopefully. BUT, that is on a FAKE! What I bought is 100% Authentic.:shrugs:


Princess Grace Ave
Jul 17, 2006
Spain & France
I don't mind, yes it's annoying but I look at it like this...they are spending a lot of money and they have a lot of options other than my auction to buy from. Other people are willing to bend over backwards for a sale. It's the internet and the only verification they have is from our pictures.

I hate the ones that start asking if it's authentic after they won. Or better yet, decide they don't want it, because they believe it to be fake. I do understand where you are coming from IG. :Push:


Handbag Addict =)
Sep 26, 2006
Philadelphia, PA area
I'm pretty good at spotting obvious fakes, but sometimes it's reassuring to have confirmation from a seller....especially if a buyer is about to spend a lot of money on a handbag. I emailed a seller and asked if she could send me or post a picture of the hologram tag on the inside of a Fendi spy bag she was selling. The rest of the pictures looked really good (authentic), but I wanted to see the hologram to be sure. She wrote me back and said there was no hologram tag inside. I said that if it was an authentic Fendi spy bag, it had a hologram tag on the inside lining opposite the leather tag with the serial number. She never got back to me after that...I still don't know if it was a fake or not without the hologram picture, but the rest of the pictures looked dead on and her listing stated it was purchased from

My whole point is that a buyer can never really be sure about authenticity until it's in hand and sellers listing designer bags on eBay will hopefully have the patience to answer authenticity questions (though I'm sure it does get annoying). I think it comes with the territory of using eBay.


I Love DC
Nov 12, 2006
Northern VA
I'm mostly a seller, and though they do get annoying after answering 20 different emails, I understand. If you're spending that much on a bag that you can't see or touch IRL, an assurance may make the buyer more comfortable. I've seen quite a few seller's lately with something similar to "questions on authenticity will not be entertained". To me, that seems rude. If I'm going to drop upwards of $500 (and more likely over $1000) on a bag that is final sale, online, I think a seller can at least be accomodating enough to send me a polite response. I would never bid on a bag, even if I knew it was authentic, if that was the seller's attitude.


Loves the Lindy!
Mar 8, 2007
It's interesting...I'm selling my first bag on eBay right now, and I was totally expecting a lot of authenticity questions. I've gotten a lot of "would you consider $x?" questions, but no authenticity questions so far. I did post a lot of photos (10) and had a bunch more in case people ask, but no questions yet. Hopefully it will stay that way and not come up after it sells!

LT bag lady

Apr 20, 2007
I actually welcome those questions because at least the buyer is researching and asking questions before they bid. I always answer with detail for the buyer to look for in the particular designer. I also offer to help them authentic other bags they may be considering. I have many loyal customers because I took the time to share my knowledge. I want gals out there to get the real thing and to be happy with their bags. I'd rather educate a potential buyer rather than have them end up buying from a seller of fakes.



Apr 9, 2006
Sorry it may be a pain to answer these questions while you are certain of the authenticity but your potential purchaser may need the extra assurance, you should look at it as being part of good customer service. A good customer relationship has to be built regardless of it whether it is via a retail store or eBay.


Jun 4, 2006
I don't mind the question. I don't like when people ask if I would take the bag back if it is found not to be authentic because I don't know where they are getting bags authenticated.


Feb 3, 2007
Before I found TPF, I always asked. I thought it might help win a SNAD claim should it be fake. The answers helped me decide whether I wanted to take the chance. Fortunately, I was lucky and all the items are real. Now I just get things authenticated here.

Perhaps you could refer the people to TPF or CarolDiva for authenication?


I think posting lots of photos helps deter people from asking authenticity questions. I also say in my descriptions that if there is any doubt, please post the auction on tpf and have others verify authenticity. I rarely get asked about authenticity anymore.


Oct 22, 2006
Sydney, Australia
If the item says 100% authentic, I won't usually ask, because my thinking is "if they lied in the auction description then they won't exactly be honest in an e-mail!"

However, I do understand that people need reassurance, so will be nice if they ask me a question about authenticity. (Although I have been tempted to occassionally say "read the auction! I said it was authentic!")