Am I the only one? Please tell me i'm not.. HELP!

  1. Okay.. so I bought my damier speedy 30 about 2-3 months ago.. and i've been using it religiously over those couple of months.. and I noticed that on one of the handles the rubbery part is kinda coming off? Like you know how at one side of the handles its where they sew on the handle together and glue it together but to make it look neater they put some kinda rubbery like material to make it smooth.. That part seems to be peeling a little.. theres two parts that's doing this.. one is about 4mm long and the other is about 2mm long.. T_T
    I wonder if I should try to add a little superglue to put it back onto the bag.. or something..

    Any help would be wonderful! :crybaby:

    Here's a random picture I found off the internet to show exactly what i'm talking about..

    I'm afraid to take it in for repairs because I did random googling and I read people talking about 170$ for a handle repair?!?! O_O;
  2. I'm sorry this is happening to you ... but no don't fix it yourself, take it back to the boutique, they should fix it .... good luck!
  3. Don't touch it, just bring it into a LV boutique and they should be able to help you.
  4. I bought this from Neimans.. should I go to them.. or an actual LV store? ><
  5. Doesn't matter. Just bring in you bag with the recepit and they should reglaze it for you.
  6. Reglaze.. is that the term for that?? XD!

    Is it doable in 1day? How much does it cost? :sad:
    I can't image going a day without it!!!!! T_T
  7. i think all LV stores can fix it for you
  8. They don't usually charge for simple stuff, but that is all up to the store.
  9. sorry this happened to you. i hope they can fix it on the spot beacause if they have to send the bag out, unfortunatly you be without her for a little while, like you said.
  10. This might be a little insensitive but i'm glad i'm not the only one!
    And I do carry my bag one handle ontop of the other because I had small hands.. it's uncomfy to hold it with straps side by side.. I guess I should just stick to putting it onto the nook of my arm! T_T

    I think for now.. I can just live with it. :sad:

    I'm just afraid it's gonna chip all the way down and unstitch my handles or something!! XD

  11. No no dont worry you aren't. To be honest I was freaked out too but then realised it was bound to happen because of how I was carrying it. I think the glaze is quite sturdy ( I haven't heard of the glazing or lack of can cause a handle to unravel) Alot of vintage bags I've seen you can hardly see any glaze left. :yes: Personally I wouldn't worry about it too much.
  12. Ah! I totally get your point!
    Guess it would just be waste of time/money(if it costs anything) to get it fixed.. I'm pretty sure it'll keep happening.. xD

    [edit] The curious side got to me!

    I guess sooner or later it'll go like this..
    *Credits eBay

    But I'm not looking foward to that big gap at the handle bottom where it connects to the bag!! D:
  13. Maybe take it in and see what LV has to say.
  14. you should def take it in!!