Am I the only one paying full price for MK bags?

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  1. Is it just my imagination, or am I the only one paying FP?

    It seems like everyone else is getting them at department stores for 30 - 50% off. I'm starting to feel like a loser paying FP.

    But here in Canada where I live we have one MK boutique, and one small dept. store that sells the occasional MK bag but still at FP. I drove 5 hours to the outlet on the weekend, but nothing of interest there at all (except my watch).

    Is anyone else paying FP besides me??
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    There are pros & cons of both. Its really up to you. If you know exactly what you want, must have it immediately and can not compromise on color and style, FP is the way to go. If you are somewhat flexible on timing, colors, sell outs, styles et., then no reason to pay FP. I got mine at the outlet but if I saw something I was dying for and HAD to have it, I wouldn't wait. I think it depends on the situation.
  3. Oh ouch, retail price for anything is something I just can't do, but if I didn't have the option I might reconsider on an individual basis. Are you not comfortable buying on ebay? Because for every ebay horror story there's a few hundred good experiences.
  4. The thing about living in Canada is the lack of choices to shop at lower prices for designer brands or having a wide variety of pieces. It can be frustrating. So you probably don't have much of a choice in terms of purchasing it at full price unless if you go the ebay route. As WithFrises posted - it also depends if you need to have that bag this very instant. In general, I know I usually don't wait for sales for most of my things like clothes, shoes and bags. If I do, I either can't find the size (big thing for clothes because a lot of people grab the size 0 and 2 fast and also the small sizes for shoes). For bags the styles on sale are usually not the ones I want. So I often pay FP for most of my things. For my MK shoes, I only purchased one on sale but the rest at FP because size 5.5 goes quick.
  5. Ebay for me is such a last resort. I like the whole experience of shopping for a new bag - chatting to the SA's, going to the store and trying on all the bags, "visiting" it and then going back to be sure. I have bought the occasional bag off ebay but it's not my first choice for sure. Outlet yes - if I had access to a better one.

    And I don't know enough about MK yet to be able to tell for sure if what I am buying is authentic. I guess there is a forum on here for that though.

    But no, as a general rule, I'm not an ebay fan. Not unless it was going for at least half price, and never used.

    It just doesn't feel as special to me.

  6. Bingo. And I feel your pain on shoes - I posted a whole rant on that in the shoe thread. I'm size 5 and always have to order my shoes online. I was in Toronto this weekend and must have gone to a thousand shoe stores looking for boots in size 5 - NOTHING. I found one pair of gorgeous ones at Geox but they were HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I found an awesome pair at Kors but the smallest the had was a 6. Sigh.

    Glad to hear I'm not the only FPer.

  7. Are there fake MK's out there? I don't think I ever saw one.
  8. No, you are not alone. I usually pay FP for all my bags. I want current season bags, and I want the exact one ... well, the exact one I want. Therefore, I pay.

    There is nothing wrong with that. I don't buy used bags and don't buy from ebay. I want the total experience. The boutique, the SA, the assurance it is real, blah, blah, blah. I also do that because if I want to return it, I want to be able to return it. You know?

  9. I really do know. :biggrin: Cool, another FPer. As long as I'm not alone. :P

    Too bad MK doesn't have PCE like Coach, wouldn't that be AWESOME!!
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    I paid (almost) full price for my 1st MK bag yesterday and I was kinda sick about it. lol I found a tiny flaw on it and got a 10% discount, but Im praying that bag doesnt go on sale to justify the splurge. lol The MK bags in TJ Maxx, Marshalls, etc are horrible (IMO) and thats why I was turned off for so long on MK. I just happen to see a fab bag in Dillards and I just had to have it. Walked over to the MK boutique and saw it in a larger was love at first sight!! Needless to say, I walked out with my new XL Hamilton (I think thats what its called) in a camel/brown color. I pray I dont have buyers remorse because I cant return it
  11. What is PCE?
  12. PCE - Preferred Customer Event.

    Coach does this about 4 times a year - they send out emails to "preferred customers" that offers you 25% off your entire purchase during the PCE event which usually lasts about 10 days. Who gets invited to this event seems to be quite random and is never guaranteed, but if you have a regular SA they can usually extend the invitation to their regular customers. Most Coach fans (myself included) only buy during these events. They are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I am patiently awaiting these boots. My SA is supposed to be getting them for me. I tried them on, and they run a tiny bit big, but it's probably just the right amount of room for socks.
    What's crazy is they are actually comfortable. There is a big platform, which helps with the height.

    Edit: I guess I should have put this in another thread. I'm not used to having our own subforum!
  14. I have never paid full price for a bag. I either wait for sales or get them on eBay or Bonz.
  15. I only have one MbMK bag...I paid full price for it because I wanted it when it first came out. ;)

    Normally, however, I'll shop around and look for a sale. Here in the US there are soooo many places to find MK it's not that difficult to find a sale or coupon code. ;)