Am I the only One not going to Paris ?

  1. OMG :wtf: :wtf: :wtf: :wtf: I have read so many threads about Paris...
    I feel so left out. I have not planned to go :crybaby:But I wish I was going. I hope everyone enjoys their trips to Paris ! :smile:
  2. I've never been there either :crybaby: Even though it's pretty much my favourite city in the world.
    HOPEFULLY I can go next summer..or sometime during the next 2 years.
  3. Let's all go! I haven't been in over a year and I miss it!!!!!
  4. I've never been, and probably won't get to go there in this lifetime. Don't feel left out. I'm right there with you :P
  5. i have never been to paris but would love to go one day! when i go there, i will definitely visit the flagship LV store. :nuts:
  6. i am not going either.... won't be going anytime soon... too broke for that.. hehe.... well, i need a job then i can go there.. but the ladies who went and are going, my gosh, they will be doing serious shopping damage over there.. heheh
  7. Socialite why don't you take a Eurostar to Paris for a mini-break over the weekend, it is so cheap these days; starting from £30 or something or if you are not in London why don't you take an EasyJet flight with your friends to Paris which will be even cheaper and you don't even need a visa.

    But I think I may have to join your club because I have no intentions of going to Paris any time soon because - everyone is going to kill me for this - I am bored of it.

    Does anyone else get this feeling that when something is right on your doorstep you think it is so boring but everyone else seems excited about it. In my case, I mean I have an apartment on Avenue Kléber near L'Arc de Triomphe (for reference if you have watched Bourne Identity, the building that contained Jason Bourne apartment is my building :P) and judging from what I've heard most people (my American friends always say let's go to your place in Paris) would love to have an apartment in Paris but I think Paris is another generic city just like London. I am more excited about going to cities where most people (particularly the American ladies) think of as unexciting such as New York or perhaps Tokyo.

    Perhaps I take it for granted but Paris has no excitement for me: one can only take the quirkiness of Saint-Germain-des-Prés only a number of times. Probably everyone thinks I am weirdo but I really do feel like that, LOL :upsidedown:.
  8. I do love Paris, and can't wait to get back. But I don't find New York OR Tokyo unexciting -- and I'm a New Yorker!!
  9. I have never been there, it is to hard to go because i have classes. Hopefully i can take a cruise to Europe in the future.
  10. Don't feel bad, I turn 50 next year and have never been to Europe at all. Even 3 years ago, I never would have imagined that I'd get to go before our son was older (he's developmentally disabled). The trip we're taking next year will probably be the one and only time I ever get to go.

    Don't give up! If you really want to go, you'll find a way.
  11. I'm not going anytime soon :smile:
  12. ^^^me either :crybaby:
  13. I've never been to Paris, although I do have distant relatives living near there.
  14. i'm not going.. mainly because i don't have enough vacation days saved yet.. i'm going to vegas and will visit the Paris hotel though.. does that count? LOl. i don't think so.
  15. Can you imagine if we ALL went together? I wonder how many planes we'd need?:lol: