Am I the only one in LOVE?......

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  1. I am in love with next seasons bright ballerina flats!! And, don't get me started with the matching bright nylon pleated bags........

    When can we start seeing them in stores??
  2. i love them too! waiting.... its very cold here so i'm in no rush! 2 feet of snow- i wasn't really thinking of ballet flats today. hehehehe ;)
  3. well, my prada boutique already has the bright nylon bags (about 10 of them in different shapes and sizes) out in the storefront windows. strange to see the bright colors when it's xmas shopping/winter season and i usually associate with darker colors. the shoes i haven't seen yet.
  4. ^^ and where is your store.........????
  5. BABYHART..What store has them in?**DROOLING!**Dying to see them!
  6. Yes, where? where?
  7. well.....las vegas has some of the flats...BH and NY are the only stores to get the croc flats....

    I was told the bags will be in stock in 2 weeks.......
  8. The bags are for display in store windows only...sniff.......
  9. The colors are really sweet!
  10. saw the suede (?) colored ballet flats in the Paragon store (Singapore) yesterday along with samples of the nylon gauffre bags. the colors are really pretty. SA said the stock should be coming in by january at the latest. can't wait for summer!