Am I the only one getting the Galliera GM???

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  1. Mine will be here on Thursday, am I the only one getting the GM?? Anyone have the GM or planning on getting the GM?
  2. Well, not all of us are as tall as you either ! ;)

    PM for me eventually !
  3. Selena, I know you probably remember the now discontinued Mono Croissant GM....well, I LVoed that style but HATED the bulky zipper and dreadful red lining, and always hoped they did another huge hobo-style bag.....and now there is the Galliera !!!! I am seriously considering the GM size over the PM as I always need to bring a sweater wherever I go,and it needs to fit in my bag.... and I'm hoping it fits well on me, so we'll see !!!! When do you get yours? Please post a model pic of it on!!!
  4. Travel I have the Croissant GM and I am hoping this is bigger, do you think it is?? And yes I will post pictures!
  5. selena , you are not the only one that is getting the gm .I just got the gm this morning and i love it and i can not wait to use it plus i am only 5'3 and i feel it look fine on me.:smile:
  6. Nope! I loved it so much! I may get one! what do ya think? (pm me as I forget to check back haha)
  7. Congrats on your GM! I tried it on at the boutique on Saturday & it's gorgeous, huge, and soft!!! I'm looking for an overnight type bag & it certainly fits that size category, for me, at least. Right now, it's between that & the Aurelia GM but I haven't decided.
  8. Selena, I can't wait to see pictures of your GM. I'd probably get the GM too. But I'm going to actually wait this time instead of jumping like I did for the Montorgueil. hehe.
  9. I want the Galliera GM, but I cant affored it just yet. I have to pay for a bunch of things first before I can take the plunge =[
  10. ^^^^^

    I think it may be a bit roomier since the top is a bit "free" with the opening (sans zipper), unlike the Croissant....I am dying to see yours !!!! I'm just wondering how heavy it will be with all my junk !!!
  11. I got the PM..itll be here in the AM....we canT have 2 Pfers in the same town wearing a GM?can we??roflmao!
    I think the GM will b PERFECT for u Selena!its TDF!
  12. LOL same town? Try same 3 block radius! LOL!
  13. I will be getting the Galliera GM... it's PERFECTLY HUGE! I was going to get the Alma Voyage MM, but the Galliera is a more functional city bag. It's gonna be a HOT one this summer... YAY LV!
  14. i woud get it if i am a GAL:wlae:
  15. No, I purchased the GM also and it should be at my house either tomorrow or Thursday. With my height, I always go for the biggest bags.