Am I the only foolish one...

  1. who puts fun charms on her bags??
    I always find the cutest necklace charms in the city and never use them as necklaces, instead I use them as charms on my bags to give it that extra *umpfffff* Does it look silly? :lol:

  2. I think it looks cute!
  3. Actually, I like it... very cute and unique.
  4. wow thats really cute!
  5. cisforcoco,

    You're such a designer. I love your charm on your PST/GST??? It's so unique and stylish. Where did you get your necklace? It's terrific!!!
  6. How cute.
  7. Looks charming!!
  8. Not foolish at all. Really cute and unique, I love it!
  9. Its adorable!!
  10. What a great idea!!! I love it!!:love:
  11. Fun idea...thanks.
  12. I love it! It actually looks like it's part of the bag! Fantastic job!
  13. Cute idea. That charm looks good on that bag. Is that a GST or PST?
  14. cute cute!!!

    ^i think it's a GST..
  15. I LOVE the way it looks. I actually have quite a few Juicy Couture charms (LOVE them! They are so detailed and substantial!) and wear them on my bags almost exclusively!