Am I the only Annie lover who can't help but wish they had bought two?

  1. Incredibly greedy I know but the more I think about the fantastic price of Annie in the sale the more I am kicking myself for not having ordered a second. I ordered it in black and I absolutely love it, I could see one in chocolate or oak being a fabulous every day bag.

    Keep checking Mulberry's website but think they have gone completely now.

    Why did I only buy one??? :noggin: That is apart from the fact that my mother was with me at the time and I could tell she felt I needed carted for buying one £300 bag, I might just have tipped her over the edge if I had bought two. :push:
  2. I am waiting for my oak to arrive!! Can't wait! I could see one in choco too!! I think I am going to looooove her!
  3. I think you are going to absolutely adore her! It is a bag I was never 100% sure about, I didn't know if I really liked the shape but now I have one I'm hooked. :tup:
  4. Yeh I`m a bit the same I ordered the pink hanover on the first day of the Preview as Annie was only 30% off and thought this the better option.
    Then Annie was reduced by 50% , thought it was really greedy of me but I couldn`t resist and bought a black Annie.
    I so love this bag, had her out today:smile: and actually although i love my pink hanover I think the oak Annie would of been a more practical bag for the summer..
  5. Yes ,well I ordered an Annie the first day and will be getting no bag,thanks to Mulberry and their messing
  6. I love my oak Annie but Mrs Spoon- save your money for the next fantastic bag/deal that'll be around the corner!!!!
  7. I love all mine,not sure I'd want to duplicate any,as there are still many styles to go for!! Check out the end of the Mulberry and Me thread for Vic Beckhams extensive range of Hermes Birkins,100+ I think Sarajane said??!!!

    Actually,if I was to duplicate one,it would be the Bays in oak or choc,as I would'nt dream of using Pinky in the winter,the weather is just far too upredicatable for comfort and peace of mind!!!
    But it is a fab shaped bag,maybe I'll keep to being at bit different and have an East West bays???or better still replace my lovely Babington.
  8. How many Mulberries do you have now ?
  9. I'll be happy to get my hands on one :roflmfao:
  10. About the same amount you have in horses!!:p
  11. Hmmmm........not going to tell me then ....... have you bought another one ???
  12. Yes - do tell!!!!
  13. Ooo,sorry just been sitting with Sophie watching Pingu!!! No I have'nt bought another, I've got six,and in all honesty,thats enough for a good long while!! Especially as I have'nt even used two yet,so the thought of that is helping me not think about buying any more!!!
  14. I've been having this dilemma for the past week too :hysteric:

    After a bit of a saga I finally managed to track down a choc Annie, which I LOVE LOVE LOVE :heart:

    But I do wear a lot of black and greys, and I keep thinking that I should have gone for the black too - especially at that price!! The only thing that's stopped me is that I do get bored of things, so ideally I wouldn't normally choose to have the same item in more than one colour, for fear of going off it too quickly - does that make sense? :shame:

    Still obsessing a bit though, so I guess I can't have ruled it out completely - although I know the chances of getting one are pretty slim now!
  15. Very sensible advice flyvetjo, thank you, I will try and settle down and pay for the Annie I've got first! :shame: Then start saving for another! :graucho:

    aine1313, sorry you haven't got your Annie :crybaby: :tdown:. Makes my whinging about only having one seem very bad indeed.

    I still think I would get good use out of an Annie in casual colours as my current bags are two black bags (Bayswater & Annie) both packed differently for different occasions, different sets of books etc required in each bag, it's great to have them just ready to go and they are both used on several occasions during the week, then I have my Anthony which is a great dog walking/School run type bag but it's just not big enough for everyday use, the bag that filled the gap before was my Alana but I have put it away until my insurance claim is settled (puppy chewed it) and I see whether the insurance company need it but I'm not sure I want to use the Alana again as I look at it and it makes me feel stoopid for not locking it up. Although I definitely don't want to do a VB, how many handbags does one woman need? :p