am i the only 1 w undecorated bags???

  1. seems everyone has charms or fobs on their bags! i have never bought any (just have 1 tiffany key ring on my keys). i figure time i buy 4-5 of these, couldve bought a new wallet or something. anyone else feel the same?
  2. I don't decorate either. I don't really feel they are worth the money despite being very cute.
  3. I don't really like decorating my bag with anything but scarves - if they come out with a cute color combo on the letter charms I may change my mind but only for those. I use my keyfobs for my keys and that's it :smile:
  4. Well, I have alsways carried a perfect black bag and never decorated. Not even with a scarf. When I found this blog and this wonderful group of fellow Coach lovers I started buying scarves, and have added them to my bag. My Secret Santa this year gave me my first Charm (YAY!) I am actually looking forward to adding charms. I am thinking of trying a different color bag next time, something light and cheerful. I think of it like this, when I need a pick-me up and want to treat myself to a little something Coach the Charms and scarves are perfect, and not to pricey.
  5. I am always attracted to charms and I think they look great in the photos on tPF, but they never seem to work for me IRL. I put them on my bag and they look funny, so I take them off and don't use them so I've mostly stopped buying them.
  6. I have never bought the Coach charms or key rings either, then I saw this one:
  7. ooh... i gotta get that key ring!!! i have 2 bostons...
  8. My bags are undecorated too. Although I think it looks quite cute, I have never bought any charms or fobs.
  9. I've never decorated any of my bags with anything. I like scarves and charms, but I wear the scarves, either in my hair or around my neck or waist, and use charms on my key chain. For me, decorating my bag just doesn't work, it looks too cluttered. I think it's great that others like it, but I'm not a fan of it for myself.
  10. I only have one charm, but I too feel they are kinda pricey and would rather spend the $ on purses. I bought the one because it was super cheap after thanksgiving.
  11. I just bought my first charms last weekend and when I put them on my bag it just looked weird. So I put them on my tattersall wristlet that I keep in my purse and they look really cute on that. I like the way it looks on other people's bags, just not mine I guess.
  12. I never thought of putting charms or scarves on my bags until I found this forum. Now I have one keyfob (the skull) that I put on my black bag. I think it looks really cute and adds something extra!
  13. Before finding this place I never would've thought to buy charms, scarves, and fobs to put on my bags. I still don't really buy them to specifically go on bags although most end up there....I just buy them if I like them and figure out what to do with them later.
  14. I don't decorate either.

    I was in an outlet last week and almost picked up a "O" fob, it was priced at $10, but the color scheme was awful.

    I might consider a scarf though.
  15. I am the opposite.. Almost all my bags (I have four right now) are decorated. My charms are apple keyfob, initial, frog and star. I rotate them around depend on my mood :nuts: