Am I the first to get one??

  1. An LV Cup Bag!! This is the Genois (messenger style) Bag

    Does anyone else have and LV Cup item??

  2. Congrats! Very nice!
  3. :yahoo: Congrats!!! what's the material?
  4. Congrats- I like that bag
  5. its a waterproof and water resistant canvas and material lining.. It's very thick.

    Leather Straps that's also water resistant..
  6. Lovely! The Tourmentin is on my list- can you tell me what the material feels like? It looks kinda like a wetsuit!
    LV Cup 2007 Tourmentin $975.jpg
  7. I wanted to get something from this line! Your's is CUTE!

  8. No no!! It's not like a wet suit feel...

    It feels like a thick canvas oil painting (smooth of course)... If that makes sense hehehe..

    It will be great for a poolside/sailing bag coz its water resistant... The tourmentin bag is huge!!
  9. I am getting to Tourmentin too along with the Billfold wallet, but they are for men, so I don't know if I will use them (especially the wallet :p) I am just getting them for collection purposes hahah! :sweatdrop:
  10. Oooh...Congrats! You are on a roll :lol:
  11. congrats! i believe west lv(sp?) has this one too.. :smile:

  12. hahaha.. does that mean i should get the Tourmentin too!!!!

    Are the LV Cup items really that collectible??
  13. Congrats!! post some modeling pics, I'm dying to see how it looks worn!
  14. Very nice, but sorry, you're not the first. Someone else posted theirs like two days ago :shame:
  15. congratsss!