Am I the first italian girl having a Sophie?? *pics*

  1. After a looooooong trouble with customs..finally my new baby is here and i LOVE it:heart::heart::heart:
    I suppose no one here is still having this bag!
    thanks to LVixen who contributed to my special buy:love:

    here the pics:




  2. Love the Sophie.
    It's so lovely.
  3. maybe you are the first italian who have the sophie, i don't have it (not yet) but a couple of girls here have one. congrats she is a beauty and it looks great on you!
  4. Oh, the bag looks great!
    How expensive it was?

    I want too :smile:
  5. Thank you all!:flowers:

    i paid the bag over retail but it was worth it!!

    The only thing that made me angry were the customs taxes (about 155$):cursing:
  6. i love the bag..congrats!
  7. wow, now i gotta have that one..... i love that it doubles as a body bag. congrats and thanks for sharing
    Troppo bella!!!:yahoo::wlae:
  9. Oh I love it! Look so good on you!! :yes:
  10. You're so so sweet!!!!!!!:tender:

    i really recommend this bag, such a cutie!
  11. Ciao bella!
  12. Sophie looks great on you. Congrats! I love mine so much it's ridiculous!
  13. its beautiful :drool: :nuts:
  14. congrats! she's beautiful!
  15. OMG I WANT ONE!!

    *wishes the USA will get them*

    this one lady on eBay just sold 4 of them making a profit of $750!!