Am I the first guy to post on thia forum...??

  1. Hi everyone,

    I've been looking to buy my girlfriend a gift for her birthday and thought a bag would be appropriate since she (like most girls) is a bag fanatic~

    I live in Australia so a Bbag is rarer her than most places and since she doesn't have one yet, I think it would be a nice surprise...

    Previously I was looking to get her a LV or a Fendi but I thought it would be more thoughtful to get her something which is a bit harder to get down here and something she doesn't have yet...

    I've been on this forum for a few days and nights accumulating pictures/knowledge about bbags...

    I've contacted cult status and they have emailed me about what they have in stock...

    The colors which I really like seem to have come and gone (i.e. 03 red with silver h/w, ink, blueberry, cornflower, sky blue, navy, indigo, bleu de france) so I have to choose between what cult status has in stock...

    Right now I think The City would be nice because it seems very practical... however, The First would be good also because my girlfriend is quite petite... I was also pondering about the Giant Hobo but I'm not sure if she'll like the gold hardware... I also like The Twiggy

    I'm also indecisive about color... bleu glacier is a color she would like but it looks very veiny? sandstone/black/white is also nice but may be a bit too conservative (she's 21...)

    Here's a list of what Cult Status currently has in stock...

    The First ($1695): Black, Brown, Blue India, Emerald Green,
    SS07 – Sandstone, Bleu Glacier ,Anthracite, Rouge Vermillon, White,
    Pony Hair in Black ($1899)

    The City ($1949): Camel, Sapin (Hunter Green),
    SS07 - Rouge Vermillon, Vert D’eau, Sandstone, Bleu Glacier ,Anthracite, Colbalt, White, Black
    The Twiggy ($1749): Camel, Brown, Grenat, Emerald, Lilac
    SS07 – Sandstone, Antracite, Rouge Vermillon
    G.Hobo (AUD$1,895): Anthracite, Agrille (never heard of this color...?)

    any advice would be appreciated because its so hard to decide~ especially when all colors look different according to different lighting...

    I know its a matter of personal preference... but i think looking at so many different bags/colors is clouding my judgement :sweatdrop:

    My choice (which seems to change every 5 mins) at the moment is a bleu glacier city since it's practical, conservative (but with some color) and I think it will go with what my girlfriend normally wears - which is skinny jeans/t-shirt...

    Also I was wondering what bag/color combo is the most popular?

    Sorry for asking so much at once and for the looong post~ I hope you girls understand that guys are not good at this kind of thing at all :smile:

    Thanks for all your advice~


  2. What a sweetheart you are. What a lucky girl!

    I like and recommend the city....... and I think you can chose the appropriate color based on what colors are her favorites?

    There are photos of petite women here carrying their bbags.. maybe look at those again to give you an idea.
  3. Wow...this is a switch from the usual PHH (purse hating husband). Your girlfriend better appreciate you or one of us is gonna steal you away!!! ;)

    The only thing about Blue Glacier is that it may show the dirt easily and is rather a pale color. What color bags does she usually like to tote around? Have you thought about basic black, or is that too boring?

    I think you have settled on the right style- the City. Now just to figure out the best color!!

  4. You are so sweet!! My boyfriend gave me my first Balenciaga bag to :love:

    It was the Bourdeaux First (quite similar to grenat) and that is one AWESOME bag. Goes with everything, but is not as conservative as black. The size is perfect for a night out or shopping with the girls and dates with my boyfriend off cause :smile:

    Let us know what you decide to do... But just to warn you, - giving her that bag could be a landslide :p Just look at the rest uf us...

    Good luck
  5. And no, we actually have Male Balenciaga geeks as well :woohoo:
  6. *smackers*!! You're such a darling to your girlfriend, she's one lucky gal!

    The easiest to decide would be the size. I think either the First or the City would be best. And which one between the 2? Look at the size of the bags that your GF usually carries.

    As for color, does your GF go for colors that pop? Or stick to basic neutrals? Some girls stick to neutrals for clothes but love colorful bags to spice things up, so again, I'd look closely at her current bag collection.

    The prices you quoted are in A$ or US$? They seem pretty steep. You can probably get it for less on eBay or aloharag. If it's eBay, please get it authenticated on tPF (there's a thread for this) before bidding, that's the least we can do to help! =)

    Keep us posted on what you eventually get!
  7. you are so sweet! you should check out the PHOTO's thread - that can give you a good idea about what sizes and colors look good.

    the city is a great versatile style and size. if you could find one, a rouge vif is a good versatile color that looks great with jeans, vermillion is a good substitute. also, if she's kind of conservative, the vert gazon (a dark but bright green) also is a great pop of color without being obnoxious. i would maybe not get the blue glacier as it is kind of light and is a jean color - so if she wears a lot of jeans, that's too much blue. just my opinion.

    any color combination you chose, she's a lucky girl! :p
  8. go for the first in vert d'eau or anthracite. it's perfect for your girlfriend!!!!! the first is a good style if she's 21
  9. Looking at your list, I would say either:
    first in Blue India
    twiggy in Lilac
    City in Bleu Glacier or Rouge Vermillion

    Anthracite is nice too, if you want a darker color

    Can't wait to hear what you decide!
  10. You can never go wrong with a classic black city or first. If she carries smaller bags, go with the first. There are a lot of really petite women on here that carry the work and weekender and look amazing. It is all preference. Good luck.
  11. sorry for the double post
  12. Wooju you are such a great boyfriend!

    Here is a picture of all the colors from the Spring Summer 07 Season that you can find at Balenciaga stores currently. Black and White are not pictured.

    My advice is to get something for your gf in a color she already likes. I think the City style is perfect for a gift because it suits people of all heights and sizes.

  13. OMG!! Can you call my husband and tell him to learn SOMETHING!!!
    I practically tell my husband I spent 50% less on all my bag purchases or he will choke!

    I am goint to go all out here and say that you might want to order an Aqua City for her if she love skinny jeans and t shirts. It is the perfect color now and it screams BALENCIAGA. I am sureyou can order from BALNY.
    Just my opinion obviously.

    Good Luck to you!!
  14. Thought I'd mention that argyle = sandstone.

    Good luck making a choice!
  15. I am beyond impressed!!!! 1) You have actually put a lot of time into doing some major research. 2) You speak Balenciaga as well as the best of us here! 3) The thought even occurred to you to buy her a high-end couture bag!

    You are perhaps the most thoughtful male I've heard of in a loooong time, and she must be very special. Like the others said, most people can't stop at just one B-bag, so you may end up being responsible for your GF's lifelong addiction to this line of bags! Hehe.

    I agree with the other suggestions: base your choice on what she already has.....what size bags does she currently carry? Does she like to wear brightly colored bags? And then decide.

    Balenciaga is famous for their colored bags, but I also believe that owning a black B-bag is just about as cool, hip, and edgy as one can get! Owning a black B-bag is a bit of a twist on the classic black handbag. So, my personal recommendation is to get her either a black First (if she favors small bags) or a black City (if she favors medium bags).