Am I taking this wrong or do people refuse to act nice?

  1. So I have a ton of items listed on eBay that are for pre-order, they have been listed for months now and merchandise isn't expected to ship to me until September. (Home and holiday decor merchandise) I have received many, many sales via eBay on this stuff and everyone who has purchased understands the items is PRE-ORDER MERCHANDISE as it is clearly stated in the listing. Whenever someone makes a purchase or whenever I speak with the company regarding status, I always send out an email to all of my orders notifying them of the current delivery for their items. I had a buyer on May 24 who bought an item and I sent an email the first week of June stating; "Thanks so much for your purchase and quick payment. I wanted to be in touch and let you know that a few weeks ago I received an update that your items were expected to ship on time and possibly early! As soon as the merchandise is received I will ship to you and please don't hesitate to be in touch if you have any questions in the meantime. I will keep you posted if I hear anything else and if not, they'll be in the mail to you as soon as I receive them!" Keep in mind, the listing's description says this
    "Item now available for preorder. Preorder now to receive 10% discount on all 2012 Christmas items. Item is priced with discount! Orders are expected to ship in September, plenty of time before the holidays so take advantage of this great offer! Payment due at time of order to hold merchandise as supplies are limited. Items will ship immediately upon receipt. If there are any changes regarding delivery or availability we will notify you immediately!"

    Here's my issue

    I get a message today from the buyer that for whatever reason has rubbed me the wrong way. It says, " I recieved your earlier e-mail regarding my order. I assumed when I ordered it that you had the items in your possession and not that you were waiting for them which was the impression I got from your e-mail. You have had my money since May 24th and I still don't have my ordered items at close to a month later. What is the status now."

    Am I taking it wrong or is it ridiculous? I just don't understand how you can assume I had the items or how my email thanking you for buying would be confusing. Ugh, so frustrating!
  2. I'm sorry you are frustrated this buyer sounds like a jerk. eBay has given difficult people license to be greedy,selfish, mean spirited and crazy buyers. Buyer feedback has become the new bargaining tool. If I don't get it my way you get a negative. Just try not to let it bother you to much and remember karma is a witch.
  3. The buyer obviously didn't read the entire auction. He saw something he wanted and pressed buy it now. Don't worry yourself. Kill him with usually always works. And you will feel better too!
  4. Sounds like he wants a refund, even though your listing was crystal clear about the terms (and I must state I do not know the rules about pre-sales on ebay). Perhaps the thing to do is send him a lovely sweet email and let him know you are refunding him and are sorry for his troubles, and sell the item to someone who reads.
  5. Love it!:roflmfao:
  6. I'm the queen of killing 'em with kindness!

    I had sent this to them already after receiving the message.

    I said,

    "I am sorry for any confusion. The listing states items are pre-order and expected to ship in September. RAZ does not start shipping any Christmas 2012 orders until June so as this is a new RAZ item, it is on order with the company and the latest ship date would be September.

    I had emailed to let you know that I spoke with RAZ a few weeks ago to get an update and the items are currently on schedule and they may be able to ship early July. Once I receive the the item, I will ship it to you immediately.

    Again, I apologize for the confusion as I was only trying to thank you for your order and update you on the status of the items. Payment is due at time of order to guarantee your merchandise which is why I offered the items at 10% discount. Once my stock order arrives, all of the prices for my RAZ merchandise will be listed at the regular prices.

    Of course, I am more than happy to cancel your order and refund you in full if you prefer. Just let me know how to proceed and please accept my apologies."

    Of course, I really wanted to say much, much, MUCH MORE!
  7. hahahahahaha LOVE IT!
  8. I think your response was perfect for what the buyer will want to hear.
  9. are definitely a PRO at this!!!

    You know if you are so sickening with kindness to other people who do you wrong or say mean things......the gratification is all yours in the end. He will probably come back humble with whatever his answer is going to be. That's how I treat everyone who bashes me. You remain above their level!!! Good for you!
  10. Thank you. It's good to get another opinion and I appreciate your feedback. Some of these people will drive you nuts but venting always helps so much appreciation!

  11. Thank you!

    I'll be sure to keep you all posted with the response!
  12. Your response was completely professional. The buyer clearly did not read the listing thoroughly. I have had buyers rub me the wrong way a few times. I try my best not to take it personally but I know its hard not to sometimes.
  13. Your listings are in violation of Ebay pre-sale listings.

    You must be able to ship the item within 30 days. If any of your buyers file, you will lose the claim and you will also be dinged by both Ebay and Pay Pal. Ebay will usually close an account if there are several violations of the pre-sale rules.

    It would be best to refund your buyers now before they file and then list the items when you know you can deliver within 30 days as Ebay requires.
  14. Although I'm sorry that many sellers deal with irritating buyers, it's good to know I'm not alone! I thought all the crazies came to me :smile:
  15. This is why I added the disclaimer about not knowing ebay's rules about pre-sales. Apricot knows her stuff, so I would listen to her.