Am I taking this the wrong way?

  1. I went into my local Coach store last week to look around and see what keyfobs were out. One of the SAs that is usually always there when im there said to me, you are becoming a regualar fixture here. She then said I see you more then I see my own mother.

    I am dying to get the new catalouge but im now emberassed to go back in there. I litteraly go into the Coach store once or twice a month! Am I overreacting? I dunno what to think was she just being funny? Ugh I just want the new friggin catalouge!
  2. I'm sure she was just being funny. I'd go get the catalog and then just laugh with her if she says anything 'funny' again!
  3. She could have mistaken you for someone else. I get the SA's confused with each other while I'm shopping!

    It's when they call you by your first name as you walk in the door that you know you spend too much time there!
  4. Don't let it bother you. Sometimes when the SA's at the outlet see me they'll comment that I am back again. It just is a good way for them to start interacting with you and let you know they remember you. The one time I went the guy SA came up to me and before he said anything I told him "look I am supposed to be at the "grocery store" right now so I have to be quick" He started laughing.
  5. Go get your catalog!!! Maybe she was trying to bond with some humor or maybe, like myself, she doesn't see her mother more than twice a year and was trying to strike up a conversation so she could help you better in the future...I can only speculate:shrugs: I don't feel real comfortable at my own local boutique (I prefer online/phone orders) can always request one through the website and wait.

  6. :roflmfao: That could be me at times. Thanks for the laugh...I'm in a better mood already!
  7. I don't think she meant anything bad by time I went after staying away for a while and they were like "haven't seen you in a minute...thought you had deserted us!" There's nothing wrong with being a regular customer (whether you biy every time or not) so go back and get your catalog!
  8. I think it's good customer service when staff at any retail establishment remembers me. Starbucks (especially if they know my drink), Nords (how do you like the *item name* you bought last week?), Coach, etc.
  9. hehehe...mine said the same thing to me. i think she was just trying to be funny and let me know she remembered me. probably what yours was doing too.

    mine actually knew my name, i just stared at her and the laughed and said "i must have been here a lot this week."
  10. Don't ever feel embarrassed. You go right back in and get your catalog!:smile:
  11. i wouldn't read too much into it, i am sure she was just trying to strike up a conversation with you :smile:
  12. I went to Coach yesterday, and then went again today with DH and DD. One of the SA's that knows us well (and knows us all by first name, including the baby), just laughed when she saw us coming and just said "you guys crack me up." We are there so much I might as well move the family into their stockroom. :p
  13. You only go in once or twice a month?!? LOL! I'm in there at least 3 times a month. Just this past week I went twice (two days in a row). Don't worry about it, go and get your catalouge. If you're too uncomfortable you can always order it online.
  14. They recognize me at mine by my bag, I carry the Whiskey Shoulder Zip and they comment that I am the only one they see carrying that bag. Guess I should confuse them next time I go to the Novi Store.
  15. Coachnut, you must be in Michigan!!!! I just left the Novi store where I was chatting with the SAs about this website whilst purchasing this for an upcoming business trip:


    They know me well there too.:yes: