Am I stupid?

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  1. Ok, so here's the story. I ordered the Ariella Talon Python boots from Neiman Marcus during their big sale. I got them for $700 which was half off of retail. Well, to my surprise they come today and they are Watersnake. I contacted Neiman Marcus to throw a fit and they told me that Python and Watersnake are the same. Are they insane or am I incorrect? Watersnake retails for less than Python, doesn't it?

    I was under the impression that Ariella Watersnake retailed for about $995 and the Python retailed for $1500. I told the rep that I would keep the Watersnake, but technically I didn't pay half price, so they owed me a price adjusment. Half of the actual retail is about $500 not $700. I feel like they tried to pass off a cheaper item thinking I wouldn't notice. :cursing:
  2. Python and Watersnake are not the same. You are not stupid at all but the person who told you this might be.. just because they are both snakes! They come from completely different types of water as well as different parts of the world!

    I am not sure exactly what the price differences are for this boot but Whipsnake and Watersnake have more lizard like scales and in general I find that shoes using those skins tend to go for less price wise than Python.
  3. Stick to your guns and get them to send you the python.

    What is up with NM? Python and watersnake are so totally different.
  4. Shelley, I've been posting a little in the AF thread but I'll continue it here.

    Is it the box that says watersnake? Perhaps the shoes were put in the wrong box? I think you got the black ones right? I don't remember ever seeing black watersnake before.
  5. python and watersnake are completely different, you are correct.... watersnake is cheaper...

    i didn't know that ariella talon came in watersnake though... as far as i know only in python??
  6. ^^It came in a gray watersnake; lvpiggy has them.
  7. oh ok, good to know!
  8. Tell them to go to the computor, go to Google and look them both up!!!! Just because Pythons do go into the water does not make them watersnake. For that matter I guess any snake could be called watersnake.
  9. They do not look like the pair in the link, Katie. They are matte and not shiny. The box is marked Watersnake but they are definitely not python. They look exactly like these being sold by madisonavenuecouture. She also has hers listed as python. You can see a difference in the pattern of the scales:


    I think they're going back anyway because they are VERY small. :sad:
  10. Just because they're both made of snake skin doesn't mean they are the same. NM is wrong. One is python, the other is watersnake. The python look so much cuter. You should definitely return the watersnake.
  11. I would send them back.
  12. Thanks ladies. I'm going to send them back tomorrow.
  13. Oh darn! They are pretty though. I've never seen black watersnake before but the big scales makes things pop a little.

    Sorry they didn't work out :sad: Maybe if you take them to the store, they could do an adjustment there?