Am I storing my bags the right way? I feel that I am making it worse.

  1. I personally think its fine, but I can't guarantee since i never keep my bags in PVC. In fact I hardly put my bags in dust bag :p I only put them in when I plan not to use them for more than a week :p
  2. Let it breath .. You're killing the bag !
    Like u said , it's treated leather ( DE )
    Nothing to worry ! I have mine outside
    With no dust bag .. If you plan to use it
    3x a week .. Why do all these storing ??
    LOL even inside the dust bag is fine !
  3. I don't have any pics, sorry. I've just read that the leather can crack or dry out if it's not exposed to air at all, i.e. kept inside a closed box. I've also heard some people say that the bags can age faster if kept inside a dust bag! I guess it's personal preference whether or not you use the dust bag. I do, but I guess you don't really need to do that either.
  4. I store by bags as follows:

    (a) inside their dustbags -- not in boxes -- to let the leather breathe
    (b) stuffed with small bolster pillows, or sweaters I hardly use, and for some, with their base shapers / liners, to keep the shape intact
    (c) inside a cabinet that I periodically open to air out... with no direct exposure to sunlight, cold/hot air vents.

    I posted some pictures for your reference. I hope this helps.

    IMG_1405 (Medium).JPG IMG_1407 (Medium).JPG IMG_1404P (Medium).jpg IMG_1406 (Medium).JPG
  5. I doubt many people would have pictures because keeping your bag in plastic for an extended period of time is not something most would wish to do. To answer your question, you could definitely be storing your bags in a better manner - as others have said, leather needs to breathe and it can't do that in plastic, and lack of oxygen (aka being stored in a box with no airflow) can cause the leather to crack.

    Australia's not a particularly humid place so at least you won't be speeding up any mould-growing process or anything like that, but I can assure you that - at least in the part of Australia in which I reside - a dustbag and in the wardrobe with a moisture absorber is fine.
  6. I simply keep mine in a dust bag in a little closet
  7. i just store mine in their respective dustbags, before keeping them in the closet (which isn't sealed/airtight)
  8. Beautiful stack. Once I'll get home, I'Ll use the box for other goodies like my Marc Jacobs travel/sports bag, coach Demi, and my gifts to relatives. I'll just find a safe, cool and secure place for my bag, only in the dust bag, to sit, relax and breathe. 5 more days and she can finally breathe. Thanks everyone!!!;)
  9. I was told by several SA's to never store canvas in the BOX. They are not intended for storage bc the canvas needs to breathe or it can crack. I used to store mine in their dust bags but my new closet has shelves built in and i like to see them so I leave them out.. I keep them stuffed with white towels to hold the shape.

    I worry that all you're doing in an attempt to keep them safe, will cause damage. Dust bags only would be my suggestion...
  10. I wouldn't store any of my bags inside boxes. Mine are inside their dustbags and sit on a closet shelf. I put cardboard on top of the wire shelving to protect the bottoms of my bags. The only bag I don't store inside a dustbag is my DE NF because I don't want to bend the handles. My closet also happens to be air conditioned too which is good --because you don't want to store bags in a warm room with no air circulation.

    I also wouldn't store my bags near any type of plastic. I stuff mine with towels or white acid-free tissue paper. I don't think anyone should store their bags in air tight containers either--leather needs to breathe and even canvas can start drying out and cracking over time if not stored properly.

    Honestly, all you need is a room with good air circulation (not too cold or too warm) and a dust bag or pillowcase!
  11. I think storing the bag in cotton dustbag is okay. But storing the bag in dustbag in a transparent zipper plastic bag is suffocating. Imagine stuffing my face in pastic bag. :nogood:
  12. Can u use the bag instead of storing?

    The sealant of one of my bags is sticky cause it has been stored for too long in the dustbag

    Bags need to be aired and the easiest way of airing is to use it.
  13. I store all my bags in their original dust bag and then leave them on a section in my closet. It should be okay, I'm not sure what air exposure has to contribute to all of this though...
  14. I always store my bags in their dustbags and inside the boxes but with the lids opened to let my bags breathe.
  15. I wouldn't store them like that . I don't think they can breathe. I would store them just in the dust bag. You can always ask the LV store the proper way to store them bc when I got my latest bag( that had to be returned bc of being damaged ), she pulled it out from the drawer and it was in a sealed plastic bag.
    So I would ask the best way to store them.