Am I still protected by doing this?

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  1. I need your expert advice please. I want to buy a vintage brooch that is listed on craiglist but the seller is from another city. If I can get the seller to list the item on Bonz (as the fees are low compared to ebay) and pay through paypal, will I still be protected if the item is not as described? Can I do a money transfer through paypal? Or does she have to set up a seller's account and send me an invoice?

    Thank you
  2. You should be, depending on the type of payment you select. If you send payment as a 'personal' payments such as 'payment owed', 'gift' etc. you won't have any protection, but if you select purchase 'goods' or 'services', you should be protected, but please have others confirm this first! :biggrin:
  3. SNAD is only for ebay purchases. PP would only protect from whether or not the seller sends you the item. I believe that SNAD is part of the buyers protection that Ebay offers.
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    There is NO BUYER PROTECTION of any kind for non-ebay purchases. PP offers a buyer COMPLAINT policy for INR only, for non-ebay purchases (meaning you can file a complaint if item not received, but PP offers no protection, no guarantee of resolution or reimbursement)
    The only protection one has in a non-ebay transaction is whatever your CC co offers if you use a CC on paypal.
  5. So basically I have no protection if the item she sent is not the real deal or badly misrepresented? Hmmm...this is going to be tough as I don't know anyone who can authentic brooches that is not Chanel.
  6. ^Yes, that's right!
  7. Wow. This is news to me. I thought you were protected on bonanzle. I have only sold there, but never bought. Now I am nervous to consider buying off bonanzle.
  8. I have bought on BONZ, no problem. Know who you are buying from and what you are buying. And use a CC.