am i SOL??

  1. does tokidoki exist in dallas, texas -anywhere-??
  2. Hi,

    I am in Houston and the only toki I have seen is at Metropark, Loehmann's and a local boutique called Soho (which I would NEVER buy from cause they are SO RUDE!) I order from the Seattle outlet or Macys online, because they don't carry them in the store. Our Nordstrom's doesn't carry them either. It is sad. I have had good luck with Seattle. They don't charge tax and shipping is only $8.50. I have a friend in Dallas that said they used to carry them at Urban Outfitters, but no more.
  3. Macy's and many other department stores carry them.
    You can also order on line from Lesportsac and sometimes Nordstroms.
  4. some macys n Nordstroms have them... but if ur a little further down in tx they might not... i no they had them up in el paso... im all the way down here!! :sad: so i cant find them even in san antonio
  5. i live in portland, oregon and i can usually find them in quite a few department stores up there, but i was hoping to run into older prints (or maybe just bag styles i never see back home!) while i'm visiting.

    blah. it was worth a shot.

    thanks all!