Am I Slow To Notice?

  1. Love the new search functions! :yes:
  2. new search functions? you mean at the top navigation bar of every page/thread/forum?

    yea that's standard on EVERY forum... it kinda comes with running a forum.
  3. love them too.
  4. i'm also just discovering the "new posts" function.

    search is my best friend. :wlae: i'm so paranoid of being out of the loop...even online. :lol:
  5. awww jimmy...not everyone is a forum whore like us :yes: :wlae::supacool:
  6. ^ rofl! i'm not that big of a forum whore.. i just.. iono. it's always been there.
  7. I guess what I mean is the enhanced search (lots of options). Seems it was always just a small box in which you typed in a word, and now you get all kinds of preferences?

    Or did I just never see it? LOL. :P
  8. you probably just never saw it. the 'advanced search' option has always been available..
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