Am I silly to worry ???

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  1. I recently purchsed a LV blue vernis broome wallet of ebay and only paid for it a couple of days ago via paypal. Before I had paid the seller had emailed me a couple of times about payment. But since I have paid I have not heard from the seller ....

    I have emailed her to let me know she got the money ok, and to let me know when it is being sent out. But I just find it strange I have not heard from her.. considering she has been listing new items on ebay from only yesterday.. therefore she must have read me emails.. am I being silly !!!!:sad:

    Also the seller does have buyer protection .. but because I had opened a new paypal account I realised that after I paid for the item my address is an uncomfirmed address.. will that cause me problems if I have to claim back :worried:
  2. It shouldn't. Did you link your paypal to a credit card? If so, you can always reverse the charge with your cc if you don't get the merchandise or something else adverse happens.
  3. I paid by a visa electron card so it not a CC :sad: I hope I do not have any problems !!
  4. Anything by Visa should offer you more protection than most forms of payment. Can you call that card and reverse charges if something happens?
  5. I am not sure??? I will find out !!
  6. i wouldn't worry yet, you'll most likely recieve the wallet just fine. if a week and a half goes by and you don't, THEN worry.
  7. Thanks Amanda, fingers-crossed
  8. Hehe.. I love your cat pictures Greenie, they're sooo super adorable !

    I hate it when sellers on eBay don't email back, one of those little things that just super bothers me. Actually, the reverse is equally annoying too, if I really need to get someone to pay me, I have no qualms about looking up their phone number on their profile and giving them a call.
  9. I just hit 200 transactions on Ebay and most of them are purchases and I have to say that more that 75% of those didn't e-mail me the shipping or payment confirmation. It annoys me as well but it does seem to be pretty common.
  10. don't freak out yet Kimmy! Wait it out as suggested. I agree with Bagpuss that it is annoying without these types of confirming emails....especially since most of here obsess like nuts already.

    luckily, the one time I did make a purchase off ebay (from Rag Nation), it went well....he had AMAZING, communicated and emailed me several times before and after to see how happy I was with everything!

  11. Ya, majority of the ebay sellers are bad with emails communication. Wait it out for a few more days and besides it's the weekends right now so your bag might come next week then.
  12. Thanks, Ayla! ;)
  13. ok so to make sure I was not paronoid I decided to email the seller from my sisters ebay account about another item she is selling and guess what she responded. So why is she not replying to my emails .. I just dont get it. Alll I am asking is if she had shipped my purse yet..

    I tried one more email to her ,, but I am so worried. She has good feedback. Its just too strange!!!
  14. Email her once more from your sisters account and inquire about an item she is selling. Ask her if she notifies buyers when an item is shipped and if she ships with tracking numbers.
  15. Hi

    I had emailed her once more from my sisters about postage .. on how long it takes to ship-- cause I live in the UK and she lives in the US .. so i am waiting on a reply.