Am I silly for getting rid of my Nimbus?

  1. I just received my Nimbus yesterday and got a great deal.:nuts: its brand new but i paid under retail

    HOWEVER--I bought a few other bags while the bag was in route to by the time it arrived I already knew that something had to go.:sweatdrop:

    I'm choosing the Nimbus to go over the others. No particular reason. I just have.

    But i'm starting to think that I might have made the wrong choice considering i got it for less than retai. if i ever change my mind then I'll have to buy it for full price....that would suck

    What do you all think?? Should i re-think my decision or go w/ my gut?
  2. hmmmm... always best to go with gut... Nimbus is cool, but could be short lived in the classic factor...
  3. But the Ecru color that I got is soo classic I think. its light enough to go w/ any color. And its lambskin

    Chanel lambskin bags never go out of style so this one sholdnt either, right?

    (I'm trying to talk myself out of it. LOL)
  4. Oh and i must add how much OVER monogram I am. I'm scaling down my bags and only want to keep a few monogram pieces

    Would this one be a good one to keep becasue its not loud and logo-y?
  5. Oh the Nimbus is so gorgeous, BUT your gut was to let it go that must mean you like the other bags better.
  6. Sure. You're probably right, I'm fairly new to LV and have been going for the classics, but ecru is hot and hey, I'll talk ya out of it if ya want me too... hee! keep em all for that matter! that's really what I think you should do.... sell later if ya want... I was never a huge monogram person myself....
  7. It's up to you....if you don't absolutely love it, let it go. I've done that before.....I thought that I got it for a good deal, so I should keep it....ended up regretting it in the end. It really didn't make me want the bag in the long run. It is a gorgeous bag though and sooo different. Gee, I'm no help, am I?!!
  8. OMG! I love my Nimbus in Ecru (carrying it today!) and it's actually the only bag DH likes out of all the purses that I have.
    I couldn't think to let it go AND you got it for less than retail.

    My family lovingly refers it as the sea urchin.
    I LOVE mine! And the leather is amazingly soft.
    The monogram is very discrete.
    I got so many looks from that bag just because it's so different.

    But the ending decision is up to you.

  9. REALLY?? Do you wear it w/ everything?? :sweatdrop:
  10. I love that bag but didn't end up buying it because it just seems to trendy and I go for more classics, but if you got a good deal on it...
  11. dont sell it! :smile:
  12. It's such a hard decision, maybe don't get rid of it straight away, because you may use it more than you thought and really love it. Why don't you sell some of your mono stuff first and then see. xx
  13. If you got it for 10% off (for example).. it's not worth keeping it. I had a stratus pm that I returned because I thought it would end up being my *bag of the month* only... and I was right in the end. The olympe line is gorgeous, don't get me wrong. The hype just didn't last with me. I've started to lean towards more classic bags rather than *it* bags.
  14. What else did you buy?
  15. what else did you get? I'd keep the bag you got under retail and return something else.