Am I Seeing Things?

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  1. Have the prices gone up on NM, BG and Saks on Prada bags? I've been lusting for this one and I swear it was $1350. It's $1495 today. I did notice it had disappeared from the site all together the other day. Maybe that was the reason. I wish I had paid more attention. I can't seem to find any earlier pre-price increase threads with this bag in it.
  2. No, i believe you are correct. I was eyeing that one as well and just yesterday I was thinking $1350 was a good price for this. I'm not familiar with Prada pricing, etc. Does the price increase everyone was talking about apply to the dept stores?
  3. I just checked NM. It looks like prices on several bag went up.
  4. I think it did go up. I would assume that if the prices in Prada stores went up then so did the department stores. No one would shop at the boutique if department stores were charging less.
  5. I thought the Prada price increase went into effect Feb 1.....and I thought it was everywhere..not just the boutiques...not 100% sure but from what everyone is posting it looks like it went into effect!!!
  6. no, no no! Ugh.
    The bag I want went up as well.. but thankfully by only $45. I found it on Rakuten as well for about $400 less. Has anyone ordered from that site who lives in the US?
  7. Yes, I've noticed that prices have gone up in the departmental stores as well. :shrugs:
  8. Well, I had a faint chance of getting the satchel in red at $1350, but not now. :shrugs:

    EvilBay here I come again!
  9. This just isn't right:shucks:
  10. so not right...
  11. this is wrong!!! Hate price incrase!!! I have to stick with 2nd hand purses now!!!
  12. In noticed the increase on that bag too. It was $1,350.
  13. Yes Prada at all venues went up :sad:.
  14. Sigh. I need a better job or a new husband. :graucho: