Am I searching for something that doesn't even exist?

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  1. Wondering if someone could please give me some insight...I'm still trying to remain hopeful.

    For the past couple weeks I've been searching everyday online & as of yet haven't had much success unfortunately.

    What I'm looking for:
    - grey leather Prada bag
    - no nylon
    - silver hardware
    - preferably Gauffre style
    - preferably medium sized hobo style
    - not strictly hand held
    - preferably pre-loved as I try to avoid buying brand new to allow myself to have a larger collection
    - ideally shooting for $1k & under price range

    I know, I seems like I'm sure asking for a lot :P

    Am I searching for something that doesn't exist? Any suggestions?

  2. LMAO the title of this cracked me up..I thought it belonged in the relationship thread...!!!

    A few bags come to mind but the price is way off unless you buy used....can't help you with pics or style #'s but others will be along to help you out I'm sure!
  3. I'm still remaining hopeful...:smile:

    BTW...I could probably stand to get some sound advice in the Relationship Thread too..ha ha!:roflmfao:

  4. I'm not sure if Gaufre has a hobo style though.
  5. Good point. I think I'm meaning more of a "messenger style." A bag that can either used either as a shoulder bag OR a crossbody bag. Hopefully that makes more sense?


  6. I'm thinking it was 2008 when the open top Gaufre tote with the messenger strap was last made. They've been doing different variations on the Gaufre line the past couple of years.
  7. Is there any specific style of Prada leather bag I should be looking for that comes in a variety of colors with silver hardware?
  8. i'm thinkin of BN1789... nappa gauffre, w/ top handles + detachable/adjustable shoulder strap. its a bit smaller than the squarish BN1336 (or 1366, forgot), w/ rounder bottom corners. currently available in a gray degrade (sfumato) w/ silver hw... over your budget, but just pitching in! :biggrin: email joanna for more 101's!
  9. Excellent! Thanks so much for the helpful info!

    My search continues...:graucho:

  10. sorry i cant be of much help as im not a prada expert yet.. but i do hope to be one day since its my new obsession lol.. all i can think is maybe you can get all those features in a bag, but i dont know if it can fit in your price point, from what i see of pradas pricing online. good luck to you though!
  11. Since the heading was too good and too appropriate to resist, I thought I'd piggyback my request onto here.

    I need a large tote, preferably leather but other material would be ok. I've got to be able to carry it on my shoulder but I don't want to have to use an attached shoulder strap if possible. And I want it to zip across the top. The top zip is pretty well non negotiable. It's for airline and other travel so if it's big enough to use as an overnight bag that's even better. I'm not a fan of hobo shapes but the Cervo Lux and the Zippers tote shapes are what I prefer.

    I'm going to be mercilessly cruel to the bag in that it will generally be stuffed to capacity and will spend time on floors but I know that I can always polish out the worst damage on leather.

    Does anyone have any suggestions please???
  12. I decided to pop back in with a quick update...

    For the time being I gave up on my Prada bag quest. I caved in & bought another Louis Vuitton. Stick with what I already know & love I guess.

    Maybe I will finally break out of my LV shell & Prada will be in store for me sometime in 2011?
  13. This is gorgeous, (but a little bit pricey!!):

  14. oooh - thank you both. I eventually succumed to practicality and bought a large CarShoe hobo style (yes I know what I said but it doesn't hang in the middle like a hobo). Got it for a song on evilbay and it has a zip across the top, it's sturdy pebbled leather and gorgeous blue.

    And then, just a stroke of luck today, I scored a Baltico Cervo Lux tote also on evilbay and also for a bargain price. Oh happy happy joy joy joy!!!