Am I screwed?

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  1. I sold a balenciaga bag on Ebay. The buyer received it and emailed me that it was not in the condition she expected it to be in. I disagreed, but because she was polite and persistent I said that she could mail it back for a refund. This was on May 17th.

    I received the bag today via priority mail. The date stamp on it is May 23rd. So she had the bag for 7 days prior to returning it. When I opened the package, I was in shock. Yes, it is the same bag, but now there are penmarks on it, the edges are really scruffed and there is a white spot on the back. The leather is also slightly peeled in one spot. I KNOW that the bag did not have these flaws.

    I truely believe the buyer roughed the bag up on purpose in order to get a refund (maybe buyer's remorse?). She had it a whole week. For all I know she carried it for a week and threw it around.

    What do I do? Do I have a prayers chance of winning a Paypal claim if I refuse to refund her? Obviously if I won, I would send the bag right back to her.

    Nothing like this has ever happened to me before....:sad:
  2. Uggh! The nerve of some people! I am sorry this happened to you.
  3. Do you have pics of the bag before you sent it that show that it wasn't damaged when you sold it? That might help you out.
  4. Yes, I have all the pictures on my computer which are dated 2 or 3 days before I listed the bag. I just hope that is good enough. I feel helpless though as even if I win the Paypal dispute, she could always do a chargeback on her cc and then that would be the end of that. :sad:
  5. Oh my,

    You usually hear of the buyers getting screwed around by the sellers, but I cant believe she would have the nerve to do this.

    Shes basically used it and now expects a refund? What a horrible witch. I hope this gets sorted out.
  6. I'm so sorry this happened to you. Was she ever specific in what she claimed was wrong with the bag? If she mentioned problems without mentioning the additional damage - or if you refuted her claims early on - it might help.

    I certainly hope things work out for you. No one likes being scammed.
  7. WOW! The bad thing right now is you have it back ~ this is hard to say. I would try putting a claim in with paypal but it is iffy due to the nature. Have you heard from the buyer?
  8. Maybe you won't win, but it's definitely worth fighting her all the way to the end.
    If she does a chargeback on her CC you are not necessarily screwed. If you sent it to a confirmed paypal address then you should be covered by the paypal seller protection program.
    You never know paypal may just side with you..

    Your buyer may do this on a regular basis, I hate scammers..
  9. Oh My!

    I agree with the others. You have to dispute this somehow. You have photos of the bag before you sent it. Make sure you take photos of it now and date them (its a shame you couldn't of photographed or video'd the unpacking - that way anybody could see that you had no part in this damage on the bag.

    I can't believe the nerve and dishonesty of some buyers.

    I'm not actually sure how you proceed with this but Good Luck.
  10. I can't add any more advice than what has been said but I am sorry this has happened to you Becca - hope you can work it out:smile:
  11. That is awful. I can't believe that somone would do this! I agree, fight her on this in whatever way you can. I really hope this works out in your favor.
  12. I spoke with Paypal. Luckily I have the dated pictures. Paypal suggested that I do not refund the buyer (send the bag back) and to immediatly file a mail fraud report and escalate the case to a criminal matter.

    We'll see what happens! It is a crime in itself to deface a Balenciaga; poor bag! :sad:
  13. :yes: That's right!!

    On a more serious note, though, I'm sad to hear that this happened to you Becca and I hope that it works out in your favor. I'll be rooting for you!!
  14. I was going to suggest sending the bag back but paypal already advised that. The nerve of some people! Hugs!
  15. That is ridiculous. Keep us updated.
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