Am I remembering correctly when I say there was talk of an *amarante* heart purse?

  1. ...because I seem to re-call reading a few weeks back that (apparantly) LV has discussed the idea of re-releasing the heart purse not only in Amarante (either around Christmas time or for Valentine's day 2008)....but also in Miroir. Is this correct?...or am I totally off? I know there was a thread somewhere...:confused1:
  2. there was talk but I don't know if it's confirmed
  3. ^^ thanks! :smile:
  4. My heart just skipped a beat! I've been on the hunt for the heart cles and finally settled (well... not really "settled" because I love the color) for an amarante cles and bought it TODAY! I'll be sssooo :censor: mad if an amarante heart is released in a few months! :cursing: What should I do??? Should I return it and wait for this unconfirmed purse??? Please help!:sos:
  5. ^^^^

    If they do release the amarante heart, you can always sell the other's a pretty rare and hot item and I'm sure someone out there would buy it.
  6. I would buy that in a heartbeat ... especially since I missed out on the framboise and mc:crybaby:
  7. Thanks for putting me at ease. I guess that does make sense to keep what I have and sell it IF the heart is released in the future.
  8. Please Please Please, let this be true!!!
  9. Not sure if it is true....I hope it is!!
  10. I sure hope it's true. I'd love me one.
  11. me too!! I would love a cute little heart hanging from my bag :love:
  12. If this is true. I am getting them both.
  13. Count me in!