Am I Really Overreacting Or Is She Out To Get Me???

  1. Okay ladies, what I have to say might take awhile so please bare with me as I vent. Allow me to give you some background information to help you understand the situation completely. I'm an aspiring, dancer, singer and actress(YES, I want to do it all!) I've been acting in musicals and performing since I was six years old, my family has always supported all of my career choices mentally and financially, If I had to place myself in a type of singing style, I guess it would be Alicia Keys, Kelly Rowland(Destiny's Child),in other words, I am a true alto but I can SANG. My cousin has been doing this probably since she was ten(or so she said) and her vocals are AMAZING, she can definitely give Beyonce, Christina and Mariah a run for their money, she's never had support from her family and she recently started funding her own little projects, as far as doing what it takes to put herself out there, I've even helped her fund some things when she was younger. With that being said, let me get into the details, I auditioned for the roll of Effie in the musical, "Dreamgirls" which is loosely based on the rise of the supremes, Diana Ross and her being replaced, getting pregnant by Berry Gordie and all that jazz.The movie version will be out in December. Well anyways, my cousin had no intention on performing in this play(or so she said) and I really wanted this part. I've always gotten the supporting rolls but never the main part. I spoke with her the day before she mysteriously showed up to the rehearsal, she played me to the left like she didn't have time to involve herself with this, it's no money involved, she had all these excuses but never once did she lead on to letting me know that she would try out the next day. I was really hurt, and at the auditions she acted like she didn't see me at first, until I let myself be known. She has always been this evil girl and everyone told me this but I always look for the good in people, not to mention that she's done crap to me like this before, when will I ever learn???:rant:
  2. That was really underhanded of her. She should have told you that she wanted to audition as well instead of going behind your back. I would confront her about it and tell her that you don't mind the friendly competition with her at auditions, and that she should be honest with you about it. Going behind your back only makes her look like an ass.
  3. Wow. That was really sneaky of her. I couldnt imagine doing something like that to someone. And to pretend not to see you at first?! That is like icing on the cake. I think she is definitely someone you can put under the heading "not worth your time".
  4. She doesn't look me in the eyes at rehearsal, she's so fake and phony when joining a conversation that I'm involved in.
  5. by the way, she got the part and everyday she comes to rehearsal an hour or two late, or she can't come at all, SO WHY BE PART OF THIS PLAY AT ALL??? This is not the Broadway show, this is a musical being done in New Orleans.
  6. I'm really sorry to read about what your cousin did. It does seem very underhanded...and, it's unfortunate that it seems like she is not taking it very seriously.

    It sounds like you got a part in the musical despite this.

    Chin up - you're going to kick a**!
  7. I think it's totally wrong that she DIDNT tell you she was auditioning. That's sneaky!!!

    I don't think she's out to get you, but she's one of those competitive cousins... you just need to not let her know anything key in the future. I have competitive cousins too and they're a pain, but i love them anyways.
  8. I would cut her out of your professional life and not tell her a thing. Or possibly talk of you wanting to do something (a play, ect...) that you have no intention of doing and let her go there and you won't be there.... She is not a friend, just because you are related does not make your tghe one that has to include her in your life.
    Good luck with your career......
  9. Just because I'm paranoid, doesn't mean that people aren't out to get me.

    Sorry, I couldn't resist typing that.

    Anyhoo, that sucks that she did that behind your back, especially since you've indicated that she probably doesn't even WANT that part in the first place. (Which means she's just auditioning to get to you . . . that *****.)

    If she REALLY wanted the part, she should've told you she was going to audition, too.

    Be the bigger person, and focus on YOU and the part you want. Hopefully the director will see she's not serious about this and hopefully won't cast her.
  10. yup, sneaky. but I wouldn't worry too much, seems to me like she already thinks she is Beyonce or some such superstar with her appalling attitude to the play & her utter disregard & lack of repsect for the cast & crew, I can't see the director putting up with her like that for too much longer.....
  11. I know it was sneaky and backstabbing but unfortunatly, you'll come across many incidences like this in the performing world.

    Sure, as a cousin or friend she should have told you that she would audition. But even if she did tell you, would she still have gotten the part anyway?

    Don't forget, every other girl is probably feeling the same way as you. Focus your energy on your own talents and you'll be sooner in the lead roles.