Am I Ready For TOMORROW!!?????? Help Guys!

  1. First of all im a 15 yr old guy. Or boy. whateva lol. I might be going to edinburgh (scotland, UK) tomorrow with my friends (girls) i need to find a guy to come with me. Theres an LV boutique there, and i really want to get something LV, i just like the presence of a new designer goods for christmas, it would cheer me up so much, i have no idea why lol And the is a Harvey Nicoles there (store having good like D&G, Prada, Gucci, Fendi etc). But the problem is 1) how much should i bring? (ive only got £600, thats about $1200) but im definatley not bringing all of it. il probably bring enough for a wapity or an okapi or something. buy 2) if i spend that much on LV would i not be better getting a Gucci belt bag or a Prada bag?? It would be better value for my money??
    What should i do guys.
    Its Tomorrow lol!

    Thanks!!! :biggrin::biggrin:

    oh almost forgot....MERRY CHRISTMAS, HOPE YOU ALL GET YOUR DESIRED LVS!!!!! =]
  2. Wapity is really useful but don't go with any set ideas and just see what you like, how about a messenger bag??

    Can you do me a little favour just have a look at the shoes and let me know if they have these in store,

    TIA have a great day out!
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  3. well it sounds great (Im 17 from UK), I would get some LV and go back to selfridges for the January Sales, they are AWESOME ! the Prada goes like 25%-40% off, you will get some good deals.

    Have a great time !
  4. yeah sure Label Addict, il look for them =]

    socialite: yeah i might leave some money for that, sounds yummy!!!:biggrin:
  5. To me, the Gucci belt bag is a bit of a hassle. I own one and find it hard to use, plus it's really quite small. For £600, you can get quite a few bags, such as the naviglio or the abbesses! Both fairly big though, so depends how much you carry, for a starting piece, the bosphore is ideal and is big enough for daily essentials.