Am I ready for the big jump to H?

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  1. Hello everyone!

    Let me introduce myself first, I'm a young man in college working hard at a part time job with an insatiable appetite for luxury. My addiction started almost 4 years ago with Coach, and I've been climbing the ladder ever since. Earlier in the year my love for LV was rekindled so I sold off my entire Coach collection and bought a few LV bags and accessories. I love my LV's but I must admit... I'm ready to take the plunge.

    I thought when selling my Coach stuff I would regret it. But I can easily say no, LV filled that void! So I'm thinking if I sold off my LV bags and saved a little I could buy a 40cm H.A.C. I know once I had Hermes, my LV's would never see the light of day again! It happened before when I bought my first Speedy, I loved it so much, my Coach and MK bags never left the closet, and when they did, I wasn't as happy with them as I was carrying my LV.

    Would I feel the same way about selling my LV for H? And for the other guys in here, would the HAC be a great substitute for an everyday bag? I carry large Epi Leather bags everyday, so the weight will certainly not be an issue!

    Has anyone else ever done this before?

    Thank you everyone for reading my long post, I really appreciate it and any input you can offer! ;)
  2. Sell the bags you don't like but don't sell everything just to get a Birkin! You can always earn money in the future that could be put aside towards the fund for your ultimate bag! If I had a HAC it would certainly not be my one and only bag that I carry everyday.
  3. I think a HAC would be a GREAT bag but please note that it is heavier than LV's epi leather bags. Epi is actually pretty LIGHT.

    Its possible that according to your pattern, if you had a HAC you wouldnt be happy carrying LV any more! :smile:
  4. I have many bags darling and at the beginning the thrill of the elusive one of a kind Hermes bag is very much a strong feeling especially when I had one and I left it to wear LV or other brands I felt something was missing but now.....................not anymore I love my hermes bags beyond words but I have found new love in goyard and Louis again my mon monogram 40cm speedy and goyard crosier have come back into my life like a breeze of weightless light easy luxury that looks good and let's me have more fun my every day work bag is a 40cm birkin but my every day fun bag is a canves Louis so be careful think it through and if you do take the plunge just don't let the Hermes over power the rest of your bags or use the Hermes as I do my 40 every day . And forget all other bags .hope it helps darling .
  5. I'm another LV refugee, but not because I don't like my LV bags. I've been thinking about a Kelly for quite a while and finally have gotten to the point where, if I see the right color/leather combination, I'm ready to "make the jump." I agree with the others, I wouldn't sell everything just to buy one H bag. Just start saving, you'll get there sooner than you expect.
  6. Been down the same path as you, OP! Started with MJ, went to Chanel and ended up here. I always wanted to end up here :graucho: I agree with the others - keep some LV as it's great for when it's raining, or you want a lighter bag but definitely sell those you don't use/like. I ended up selling over 25 bags in total and this year have just bought my 4th H. I ADORE THEM. I had read lots here before taking the plunge and was very nervous but I don't regret it ONE BIT. They are amazing bags. Just wish they were cheaper!!
  7. There is nothing wrong with having a collection of different luxury brands. Although I love carrying my birkins, there are days when i reach for an lv or gucci bag. I love having different choices and sometimes it is raining outside or I am going to a party where the inevitable drink/food spillage may occur. You have a great lv collection started so just save for the H. Good luck.
  8. Great question and great answers. As someone who is still dreaming about an H bag, I appreciate your reply birkel and louch. And louch - aren't you also on the Tod's forum? I love Tod's bags for their quality, style, durability and wouldn't mind a Speedy some time.
  9. The HAC would definitely weight more than an Epi speedy, even when empty. A 40 HAC would be VERY heavy. So that's something to consider.

    I love H, but I am not exclusively loyal to the brand. There are plenty of LVs that fit a circumstance or situation (like rainy days) and there is still space in my life for them.

    The HAC would be a great everyday bag (if you can get used to the weight) but I wouldn't give up every single LV for it. Always good to have variety, you know? ;)
  10. you can consider a HAC40 in epsom so that it will be relatively lighter. i have no LV so i can't really tell you if that is lighter than Epi or not.

    i personally do not think birkin 40 nor HAC40 is a bag to be carried around all day esp. if you are a student and i am assuming you would put books in it!? once you load it, it is far too heavy to carry for an extended period of time.
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    I've been down the same road....I put my LV addiction on hold for a while, went to Balenciaga then back to LV. Now I'm on to Hermes and I'm pretty sure there is no going back. My Bal's and LV's just don't appeal to me anymore....but I'm still going to keep a few of my favorites just in case I change my mind.
  12. I could never ever sell even one of my LVs... I would not do that just because I couldnt buy one Hermes bag... just save some money... I do it that way too. and get some hermes in near future :smile:
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    I have been an LV bag wearer since 1985. I pretty much exclusively carried LV since then. My "purse plan" was to acquire a Birkin by the time I was 50! Well, a gorgeous Birkin came my way a couple months back and while I am not quite 50, it was "the one" for me. Since acquiring my Birkin, I have sold some of my LV collection since I knew I would simply not use certain bags, but kept certain LVs and continue to use them.

    This the most important part of my post-- I have not heard anyone else express this feeling/opinion on the boards so I am not sure if this resonants with other H owners:

    As a handbag lover, I have found that buying a Birkin has been very liberating for me as a bag owner. On the contrary, where as many state that once they own H they do not desire carrying any other brands, I find that now that I have my perfect H bag--I enjoy all other brands. (As an aside, my current bag wardrobe is comprised of Vera Bradley, B. Makowsky, Henri Bendel, J.P. Tods, Marc Jacobs, Louis Vuitton and Hermes--all of which I adore (dare I say) equally!)

    So, I say do not abandon all your other bags for this one H bag--there is a very good chance that you will be like me and upon acquiring your H bag it will liberate your love for other brands and not make you wish to get rid of everything that isn't H!

    I truly hope you attain this same level of satisfaction with your H purchase. To me this is the ultimate in bag owner satisfaction and happiness.
  14. There is/(was?) a 36HAC; I am a newbie so I don't know if they are still made, (mine was bought pre-loved) but would be smaller than the 40 but lighter perhaps.
  15. hi louislover,

    i joined initially joined tpf for the vuitton was/is a great place for information and conversation. I just got into carrying bags a few months ago. I was actually turned on to them by guy on the real housewives of atlanta. Well, my first (and so far only) bag is the keepall 60 in monogram. I went for the biggest size as thought the bigger the more masculine and i was enamored with the idea of carrying the largest size. Apparently the bag was heavy, i say apparently because I never considered it heavy. All I had was my laptop (15 in mbp), camera (nikon d3000), snacks, water bottle, and some small miscellaneous items. The SA even had to use two hands to lift it onto the counter when he attached the tag, mind you I carried by hand and in the crook of my arm no problem whatsoever (although i do work out five days a week). Now, kinda like you, i've been turned on to hermes. As I do not have a birkin (yet) i cannot comment on the weight of it...but as some have suggested to me in my threads, i would suggest going to the store and trying it out (if possible). I was torn between the 40 and 50 HAC or Birkin (I was heavily considering the 40 HAC, but the absence of pockets swayed me), so i've decided on the 50 birkin (unless its just unbearably heavy).

    in regards to your question, i do not think you should sell your entire lv collection. If there are bags you rarely, or never all means part with them. I intend to keep my keepall and take it out when it rains...i doubt you would want to take your HAC out in the rain. Also, who's to say you won't return to your lvoe later down the road.

    I'll attach some threads, in case you want some more reading about HACs.

    Good Luck with your decision. I hope you can snag one of the ones floating this: (May the H Angles be with you)