am I ready for a white birkin....???

  1. Okay it´s time!

    The more pictures I see, the more I yearn for a WHITE birkin in either 35 or 40 cm...
    First I thought that a birkin is too uch for such a high maintence color like white, so I got a vuitton suhali gm and the balenciaga weekender in white,.........still my inner child SCREAMS for the perfect white birkin!

    Pleaaaaaase enbabble me on it! I know it can get get dirty really easily..but it is just soooooo sophisticated and tressss chic!
    Please post pics, tell me stories and most importand: which hardware would you pick??


  2. How about this for some enabling???? :graucho::graucho::graucho::graucho::graucho::graucho:


    No denying that it is a bag you have to be careful with. It's not my everyday bag and i take good care of it.. I wipe the bag clean after every use and put in the dust bag. Apparently there is some risk of the leather turning off-white with age but my SA says that the bag can be sent to Paris to be treated. It is a indulgence bag as opposed to a workhouse bag... but that applies to most designer white bags!

    My white Birkin never fails to get attention from people - she gets the most of all my Birkins

    Either gold or palladium goes well...
  3. OMG!!! Arcangel, I love, love your white birkin:love: . She is gorgeous:girlsigh:

    Hennaria, yes, go for it:tup:
    For me, I would like it with palladium hardware:heart:
  4. this is so gorgeous!!! yum

    i had to have a white hermes bag earlier this year.
    i bought it. loved it for a few weeks.
    when fall came i thought did i really have to have this?
    maybe next summer i will know for sure. hard to say whether it is worth
    7k for me to have a white bag i only feel right using in summer.
    but i am all about living to the fullest so i will check back with you next year LOL.
    Do you also wear it in winter months??
    I am thinking of a 40 cm w/pall...I would like to wear it in winter month´s as well..think white turtle neck, light brown or grey fur.....
    7k is just too much for a summer bag......thats why I have to make sure that it´s useable....
  6. no talent for posting pictures, but I love my white 3o! might even use it in winter! I was afraid of the color for 4 years, now I wish I had not waisted all that time!
  7. I don't think white birkin is to be used for summers only. C'om ladies, snow is white isn't it??!! It looks stunning with summery clothes and but looks especially WOW when paired with dark autumnal clothes...
  8. i agree with everyone else, white birkin is simply breathless, and soo sophisticaed, but i dont think white is a good color if you want to use it regularly.
    maybe a bag just for special ocassions:tup:
  9. Oh, I think a Birkin in white would be just stunning! Around Christmas, it would look so festive with a green or red scarf tied to the handles. :yes:

    Luckily, I live in a state where white is an acceptable color to wear all year, so maybe I'm biased.

    Having said all that, I want my own Birkin so badly that I will enable anyone with regards to any color, just to live vicariously through your reveal thread. :biggrin:
  10. i love white bags. i've seen a white birkin with phw IRL and it was gorgeous. i especially like it in clemence.

    i have a white kelly. i used it everyday for months and it didn't get dirty. i'm more careful but not paranoid when i take it out. i recently bought a white twilly (passage tokyo with gray/etoupe etchings on white background) to cover the handle. my SA says that white is the only color hermes "paints" on the skin, so it can be sent to paris to be "repainted" to brand new white again. so don't be afraid. i LOVE white in the spring/summer. it goes with everything. i think it would be very nice in winter too. brighten up the dreary colors out there.

    i say GO FOR IT. white bags are the ultimate in luxury!!! so chic and sophisticated!
  11. Actually, I love white Birkin but I'm too afraid of making it dirty. I don't know ... I am very paranoid with dirt, stains, etc. Still trying to get over with these boo boos.

    You can use white Birkin all year round.

    A white Birkin 30 with palladium HW in Togo/Clemence leather will be divine.
  12. White birkin is definately a head turner!!! IMO, I would prefer a 35 or 40 white togo birkin with gold hardware. I've seen it somewhere, let me try find and post it here.
  13. Found it... in both gold :love: & pall hardware.
    gwbirkin.jpg 000HERMESMeg_Matthews002.jpg white birkin_pall.jpg
  14. Stunning!
    I would use it in summer and winter as well. I love white for winnter.
    White coats are so beautiful.
  15. i have a 40cm white LOVE it. and it looks gorgeous with a "winter white" ensemble. def not just a summer bag. YES, you have to be a little more careful...but worth it:tup: