Am I reading into this (aka Has SO been "converted"?)

  1. Ok, 2007 had been a very very crappy year job-wise (which translates to 99% of my life since my parents are on my back about it), however ... it has also thus far been a surreal year (i.e. the SO on a special non-B/K bag). It just got a tad more surreal last night when I was ranting to my SO online about how I was unable to find a decent job. He once again said that ideally, he would really like me to just move there and support me. I told him I didn't want to be the source of problem later on since financially it would be very tight with his salary. I also said that I don't want him to control what I do and that was why I wanted to make my own money so I can be independent. To that comment, he replied, "Yah, I understand. You got to have your luxury goods."

    Ok, he KNOWS about my Hermes obsession, and he KNOWS how expensive they are ... By saying that, it appears to me that he has finally come to terms with it, right? It seems that he probably won't care if I spend on Hermes anymore? I mean, he has accepted it, right?

    If so, that's a REALLY good thing, not having him trying to control or approve how I spend my money considering how anti-namebrand he is.:yahoo: Anyways, am I reading into it or is my interpretation correct?
  2. hmm. i think this means that he does accept it but would probably still care if you came home w/ loads & loads of orange H bags. understand?

    regardless, it sounds like progress in your relationship so congrats!:happydance:
  3. sounds like a baby step in the right direction! Give him some time, you'll break him down eventually!!
  4. Kou, go easy on him. Not many men can embrace Hermes and say yeah, buy whatever you want. The safest route to take is to move along in moderation. You probably think I am a walking contradication since moderation and Hermes do not agree with me right now. My DH is very conservative and extremely thrifty, which is great else our bank accounts would dwindle at double the pace! I don't come home with my orange bags and shout Hurray, Darling, I got something (again) from Hermes. I time my entry into the house, believe me. And slowly, I introduce them to him. He is not a dumbo. He knows it from seeing our bank account balance drop :wtf: This year, we have a tighter budget, and he hopes that we can all keep to it!
  5. good. this is good news!
  6. I totally agree with mrssparkles.. if your love is strong i'm sure he will eventually adjust to your Hermes addiction and you will also adjust to his other habits.. its a matter of time.. the thing is.. what u just described is a good sign :yes:

    so congratulations on that.. and who knows.. he in time, he might surprise you with your fuchsia dream bag :heart:

  7. ^^^Sounds GOOD, Kou!! He sounds like he is coming along with YOUR PASSIONs! I wish you more GREAT events this year and the years to come:heart:
  8. I'm happy for you, Kou!
  9. Sounds like a move in the right direction, all right.
  10. I think it's pretty hard for ANY male to accept the idea of spending 12,000++++ on a bag XD

    Things that could be bought instead of a purse:

    New Kitchen?

    lol I can fully understand how it's hard to comprehend it. I think after a while you adjust to the sticker shock (may or may not be a good thing >_>) and after all there are just some things you have to accept about your SO XD Love does mean accepting one another's quirks, whether weird or expensive :smile: My b/f doesn't get my LV and Hermes thing...and I don't get why he would want to blow $700 on a game console that he uses once every two weeks. Ahem.
  11. Kou, that sounds very promissing!...I think he is starting to accept that you will need some special designers in your life. But just keep in mind he still may not be able to afford the croc's and ostriches you love,...maybe try to buy them first, if you decide to move and live on his salary, at least you will already have the things you want.
  12. Avandome: I was pretty shocked when I saw his response. I thought he was going launch into another diatribe about how materialistic I was behaving (he used to do that). I did make it clear to him that I didn't intend on having him pay for them though ... Now that I thought of it, perhaps I shouldn't have said that?:sweatdrop:

    Neeya: I totally know what you mean. I mean, he would spend over a thousand bucks on coffee machines and stereos, things that will depreciate in value. But hey, it's HIS money even though that means he wouldn't be able to save. The way I see it is as long as he doesn't control my spending, I won't care about his either.

    Lulilu: gosh I sure hope so~~ He is one of the most stubborn person ever, I'm surprised that he's slowly being brainwashed
    Greentea & NHL: Thank you~~:yahoo: 2007 may just be THE Hermes year for me:nuts:

    Pinkish_Love: Thank you! I think I might've messed myself up on the part where he may surprise me with something though, since I told him I was going to pay for all this myself ... Now I wish I hadn't said it. i mean, what if one day I married him and he became a billionaire? Then I'd really like him to pay for the bags:p

    MrsSparkles: I agree. Actually, I've never told him the price tags of the items I bought. He knows they are expensive though. He knew that they sell for over 10K on eBay. I think at this point he realized that I'm a stubborn individual and that as long as my mind is set on certain things, I'm not going to change ... I think I've also convinced him that as long as I'm not putting myself into debt and still manage to save money, no legitimate purchase is a "bad" purchase:p Still, I'd NEVER tell him how much I spend. I'm keeping my own account if I marry him and he is NOT allowed to peek!
    Grands Fonds: Totally good news~~ I guess he loves me after all :love:

    Fopduck: It's definitely one small step for Kou, one giant leap for SO (or it can be the other way around as well). I just wish he needs ties, because right now I cannot seem to find an excuse to buy him anything from Hermes that he can actually use. Without a legitimate excuse, he won't have an opportunity to experience the goodness of Hermes first hand ...

    Hermes_Lemming: I'll definitely never come home with lots of orange boxes (even if I paid for all of them). it may give him an early heart attack:sweatdrop:
  13. kou, because it was online, I am wondering though if what was the tone that he said it in? the tone tells you so much of where he is in the spectrum... i truly hope and wish that he is more accepting of it and supportive... i am glad that the diatribe about getting materials are lessening now, especially because you are paying for those materials and no else is..