am i psycho? keepall 45 keepall 45 keepall 45

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    i don't know why...but...

    i only want to buy the monogram keepall 45s...

    one keepall 45...patina it black!!!

    another keepall 45...never ever let it patina...

    another keepall 45...with two

    another keepall 45...with two


    so buying 4 is my aim lol


    what do you people think?

    i'm sooo obsessed with the keepall 45...want to use it as an everyday (sag) bag

  2. Umm. A little. :upsidedown:
  3. LOL :push:
  4. LOVE IT!!! Best thread title evah!
  5. lol :push:like answer like me
  6. :lol: but Keepall 45 is great!
  7. mmm that's too much but .... I want to buy one also hahahaha!!! :smile:
  8. Keepall 45 is the perfect size!
  9. Hey, I have 5 speedy bags! I guess if you love it, go for it!
  10. 5 speedies! (speedys?) lol

    5 speedy 25s...? mmm...all different size? hehehe