Am I protected by ebay and/or paypal?

  1. I won a best-offer auction from a seller in France. Although the auction didn't officially accept paypal, it stated to contact seller to make prior arrangements for paypal, which I did. The seller agreed to paypal with mininal additional charges ($8). I have all the communications.

    After the auction I was instructed not to use eBay checkout (which will not have paypal option) and the seller sent me a money request via paypal directly, which I then paid promptly.

    It is the first time I have paid for an eBay auction this way using paypal, I have always used eBay checkout before. Am I still fully protected under ebay and paypal's buyer's protection plan?

  2. Did you enter the auction number in the payment? You can select ebay goods and then enter the number, I think it then pulls up that auction info. I'm not real sure, but I would think that if paypal was aware it was a payment for an auction you'd be covered.
  3. Since it's a money request the seller sent, I didn't have any choice of what type of request. The seller chose "goods", which is a third category, different from "ebay" and "non-ebay" I think.

    I did put in the ebay auction title and item number in the notes field when I paid.
  4. I'm not sure if you'll be covered under the policy or not, but if the transaction doesn't work out and you don't receive your item, your credit card will cover you.