Am I physically/mentally crazy?!?!?

  1. I love Louis Vuitton as much as the next TPF-er. But I have this weird OCD where I can never get just one new peice of LV. Like for example... Right now I am in the process of selling my Keepall 45 in order to fund a Poche Document so that I have something for my laptop/school papers. Well in doing some research I would also love to get a Desk Agenda for my planner and a keychain. This would then complete my Monogram accessories because I already have a wallet. BUT here is where my OCD comes into play. It bothers me that my wallet won't be brand new at the same time as my other items. My wallet is in great, basically new condition but still, I want all BRAND NEW Louis Vuitton items. I'm crazy, and this post more than likely doesn't make sense.

    On a side note: Anyone have pictures of the Poche Document that they would like to share?


    Yours Truely,
  2. First of all what's OCD?
    These are some great things you want to buy...hope you get them soon! And I don't thing you should get a new wallet...maybe save up for a bag or another small something?
    But it's just my opinion...good luck!!!
  3. OCD = Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
  4. Thanks sarah...I didn't know..
    Sorry to have asked from the beginning...
    Anyway go for the things you love more...!
  5. If you were to replace your wallet, would you sell it? If so then I see nothing wrong with it. But if you bought a new wallet and kept the old one...well then that's just too much.
  6. I have to agree that it is too much ... will you have to replace your entire collection each time you buy something new? :confused1:
  7. NYC Princess made a good point. I don't want to replace my entire collection each time I buy something new! I'll just keep the wallet and get the Poche Dcouments next! I'm a spaz, sorry!
  8. pls try not to use the term OCD like it was something trivial. real people suffer from this condition. its like calling someone anorexic when they're simply just picky eaters. KWIM? thanks.

  9. Thanks DD, I was originally going write something about this earlier but decided not to, but IT IS a severe condition and this is not OCD, real OCD can truly make people suffer, I was hopitalized for months twice in 2004 and 2005 as it nearly ruined and took over my life, I wish my "OCD" was having trouble deciding to buy/sell a wallet :push::roflmfao:
  10. I had a sister who had OCD before she died during childbirth. Her OCD was not to a severity that required hospitalization; however, I would say she suffered from the disease, sometimes more so than others and it was something she struggled with to some degree everyday. I do not think the OP of this thread was making light of OCD, I think she/he was simply stating how frustrating it was with this disease in regard to even minor decisions such as LV purchases.
  11. im very sorry to hear about your sister. i've worked with people who suffer from it (and a whole looad of others). but to me the OP mistook his indecision as OCD. not because he's got OCD that's why he can't decide.
  12. hmmmm, either you need psychological help, or you have to snap out of it.
    enjoy your purchases no matter what order thy appear in.
  13. it could be OCPD, which is entirely different from OCD.
    one is a personality disorder where you focus on the details etc, and the other is debilitating disorder in some cases.