Am I overreacting?

  1. Okay, I wasn't sure whether I should post this in the Dior forum, but I figured it was more a general question about a purse than a brand-specific question.

    So, for a graduation present, my mom bought me a Christian Dior Trotter Romantique Simple Medium Tote. She paid around $818 after tax for it, and I was incredibly happy and excited to carry my first "high-end" designer bag (I had a Coach too, but to me, Dior was different). We bought it on July 5th, and I've carried it on about 90% of days since then.

    I was looking at some of the leather detail on the back of the purse, and it looked as if it got pulled up and the leather on the side was frayed or something of that manner. I took it to Saks, and the salesgirl told me that something probably got caught under it and pulled it. I thought, okay, because it's only one mark and on the back. But since then, I've seen this happen to two or three other places on the leather, and one is in the front of the purse. The leather around the top of the chain is also beginning to fray a bit.

    I'm angry that this purse cost so much and yet it seems to be falling apart so easily! I went back to Saks and the girl who originally sold us the purse told me to go there tomorrow and see the manager because she might be able to swap my bag out for another one. But my worry is that she'll either give me a bag that's just as poorly made, or that she'll dismiss it because I'm only 17 (my mom can't come with me).

    Am I wrong to be really mad about this? Is it a common occurrence, or is this just with Dior? I love this bag, but I want something that will last me into my 20s. :sad: I posted a picture of the purse and the worst "pulling" of the leather so it might make sense to those of you that read this.

    Sorry for this being so long, but if you have any advice, please let me know! TIA.
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  2. Be nice but insistent!! Also, don't take no for an answer! If need be...ask to speak to the store manager. Your bag should be holding up better than that! Let us know what happens....
  3. Don't go in there being the b:censor: chy teenager. That's not going to get you anywhere. Be nice, but not a pushover. Tell them you've only had the bag 2 and a half months and this is happening to the bag. I'm pretty sure you shouldn't have a problem.
  4. I agree with the others. There is no need to have an attitude but definitely be insistant and let them know that this is unacceptable wear for such a pricey item.
  5. Stand firm and keep your calm. People will listen to the ones who talk politely and not to those who throw their temper.

    You are also their customer and hence the level of service should be (and must be) the same.

    and what a wonderful mom u have!!!
  6. Agree with everything above. Don't give them any reason to treat you badly. Go in calmly and talk to them. If they offer to exchange you a bag, make sure to ask if you can inspect it. Once you are satisfied, you get the bag you want at the quality you think will hold up and last you for years.
  7. Thanks for your advice everyone! I really appreciate it. Haha, I definitely wasn't planning on being rude because I've been in retail before and I know exactly where that gets you :Push: I'm more on the pushover side, but I'm planning on going in there in a few hours and explaining my problem.

    I'll let you know what happens!
  8. Given the picture that you provided, this doesn't appear to be Dior's problem. Somewhere in the "how" of using this bag, you're getting it up against things that are pulling the leather. Maybe they'll exchange it for the sake of "good will," but if it happens again, you'll need to reconsider how tough you are on the bag.
  9. I would be upset too if a $800 bag is falling apart on me....they will probably exchange it for u, try to not take no for an answer. good luck!
  10. I thought this at first when it was just that one mark, but it is starting to show up in two or three other places. Also, the leather around the handles is coming apart, which I definitely couldn't have facilitated. :yucky:

    For an update, I took the bag to Saks today, and the manager agreed with me that it shouldn't be falling apart and she is going to try to get me credit for either an exchange or a different bag. She had to take pictures and send them to someone, so I'll be finding out tomorrow. Hopefully if I get credit for a different bag, it's not just limited to Dior, though I doubt it.
  11. I'm glad you could work things out.
  12. Please keep up updated!! By the way that was a stunning bag, and I hope you get it resolved to your satisfaction.
  13. Good for you! I'm glad that everything went smoothly and in your favor. Do let us know what you get in place of that!
  14. Alright, just to let you all know, Dior called me today and told me that they are going to switch my bag out for a new one. Even though I was in a way hoping to just get a return, I thought about it, and this really is the bag for me (as long as the new one I get doesn't have the same problems, which I'm assuming it won't).

    I had considered a Louis Vuitton in its place, but I see them everywhere so it didn't carry the same appeal as Dior to me, and the only other bag - and brand - that I really love is the Chanel white on black Cambon bowler, which I hear is not a great bag for everyday, and is probably too expensive. So even with all of the problems I've heard about Dior in another thread, I'm going to try to trust them and keep my bag! :yahoo:

    Edit: I almost forgot to say, thanks everyone for your help/support! :heart:
  15. congrats for 'winning' the situation. hehe
    enjoy your new bag when you get it! hopefully it'll be in better shape and STAY in better shape.