Am i overreacting with the watermark?!

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  1. Considering Hawaii is a very small island, almost EVERYONE i see has the neverfull bag... its pretty popular here & it catches on like wildfire. For the longest time ive been looking to get a new tote or something to use as a school bag so my mom suggested the neverfull as my bday present to use for school. But once we got to LV, we looked at the palermo and compared it to the neverfull and it looked a lot more expensive, nicer etc so she ended up getting that for me!

    TOO BAD WHEN I GOT HOME SHE TOUCHED THE BAG WITH HER WET HANDS AND LEFT A WATERMARK ON THE HANDLE OF THE BAG!!!:cursing: I literally threw the bag down on the couch and ran to the bathroom and burst into tears LOL I dont know if that was over-reacting but I stress on perfection and try to preserve everything. Anyways, now I'm kind of over it. Can't believe my mom started yelling at ME getting mad saying i was so ungrateful. Was i overreacting?

    By the way... I think i maybe shouldve gotten that neverfull instead.. deal breaker was that it had really thin straps compared to the palermo, so mom thought it would be better to get a stronger bag.
  2. Think a little over reaction has occurred..!GO tell her you love her and thank her for being a great mum...!
  3. yep go make it up with your mum
  4. since she paid for the bag and it was a very expensive gift, i think more tack was definitely in order. its just a bag, your mom is ....well... your mom. :shrugs: definitely over reacting. definitely.
  5. Agreed.

    The Palermo is a very nice bag ( I know..I have it ) and such a generous gift from your mom.

    A bag is just a bag..but your mom is your mom. :heart:

  6. Actually i did make it up to my mom, i told her i wasnt mad at her, i was just not in the best mood because the situation happened. so i told her not to be mad because im not mad at her and that i still love the bag :smile: its probably just that time of the month LOL usually i dont just cry over small things like that
  7. BonjourErin, I agree with all of the above. Just a tip, I've had excellent success removing water stains with saddle soap, even old set-in stains in vintage bags. Now, if you haven't already done so, go kiss your mom and tell her she's the best! :tender:
  8. What a great gift. I have gotten water marks on my bags and they all fade or I just don't really notice them. My LV Bags are to be used and loved!!!
  9. I dont think u over reacted. Your mom should know not to touch your bag with wet hands
  10. Make sure your mom knows how appreciative you are of the gift; it was very generous. Bags come and go, but bags are forever.
    The watermark is going to eventually blend with the rest of the patina anyways.
  11. Once the spot dries you wont notice the wet mark....enjoy the bag!
  12. ^^Exactly. Besides, once it develop a nice patina the watermark will blend in. Go make it up w/ your mom and tell her how thankful you are for having her as a mom.
  13. :tup: ;)
  14. Well the vachetta will change. I guess you baby your bags. Enjoy them
  15. i have those moments sometimes and i hate them ;) i think it's great that you talked to your mom again after that little outburst and you guys smoothed things over. :heart: