Am I overreacting? sorry, long post.

  1. I went to the dentist yesterday for an extraction of my upper two teeth, so I thought. I waited in the lobby for an hour and a half to be called to the chair, that office is usually pretty busy but I never had to wait that long. I sat another half hour for the doctor(oral surgeon) to finally even speak to me. He looks at me and asks me how I am. He looks at the x-ray and tells his assistant he needs a new one. So I get another x-ray done go back to the chair and wait another 20-30 for anyone to say anything to me.
    In the mean while, I see the oral surgeon pacing back and forth behind me. After the new x-ray arrives he looks at me again and asks me how old I am? Why's he keep asking me my age? I don't understand this. So right before he gives me the anesthesia, he says "Okay, honey, this isn't supposed to hurt. Let me know if it does. Okay honey?" Of all the years I've been to any doctor's office, I've never once had any of my male doctor's called me "honey", "baby", "sweetheart", etc. I thought that was pretty inappropriate. He sticks the needle in the back of my mouth, usually when they give you the anesthesia they hold the needle in one position. This doctor pulls the needle out just a bit, it still being in the back of my mouth, and repositions it. At that point I'm feeling pain. More than a prick or a bee sting. The damn thing hurt! Enough for me to start tearing up. I was practically crying by the end of the first shot. He gives me another shot on the other side and I can feel him rest the syringe on my teeth. I could feel it leaning on my teeth. This time he's twisting the needle around, probably because he didn't get it at the right spot. So that really hurt! He does this about three times on each side with two different needles. He leaves, waiting for my mouth to get numb.
    After 10-15 minutes I realize the bottom of my mouth going numb but not the top. I'm waiting there for another 30 mins. for the oral surgeon to come back, when he does I asked him what teeth exactly he's supposed to be pulling out. He says "oh, your wisdom teeth" I was pissed! No one told me about my wisdom teeth getting pulled. I mean, I know they had to be eventually but my ortho specifically told me that my top teeth would be getting pulled. So I ask him "what about my top teeth?" he goes "Oh, you want that taken out too? Here, let me numb you up again". Effff that! I tell him "I don't want to go through with the procedure. I want to leave" I tell him this 3 times before he finally lets me go. He's telling me "no honey, don't be scared. i'll numb you up again and you'll be okay." Still calling me "honey"!!!!! He says "would you want to do this another time?" I says "I'll have another doctor do it". He then asks his assistant to reschedule me and I tell the fricken assistant to disregard what he said cuz I will be going to a different doctor.
    I walked to the car where my husband was waiting and I just started to cry. The whole thing upset me. The 1 1/2 - 2 hour wait, the fact that no one was telling me what was going on, how the fricken anesthesia really hurt, how the stupid doctor kept calling me honey and wouldn't let me go when I insisted I wanted to leave.
    I want to know what you all think. Am I overreacting? Was it wrong of me to walk out the way I did? I wanted to speak to the manager but my mouth was numb and could barely speak. To top it all off, after the numbness wore off my jaw was sooo sore. It's actually still sore now. It hurts when I open and close it. *sigh* There've been so much going on with the kids and the DH, I woke up this morning thinking my reaction was completely out of emotion. Would you have waited as long as I did? Was it appropriate for the doctor to call me "honey"? Shouldn't he have immediately let me leave when I told him I didn't want to go thru with the procedure? Should I be this upset?
  2. Waiting that long would have me on edge. Someone should have explained about that very long delay. "honey" is inappropriate; possibly he used it because he didn't take time to read your name, but that's no excuse. His technique sux, besides--novocaine shots hurt, but that sounds extreme. sounds like a strange practice all-around. I would've left after about 1.5 hrs, but when you make the appt. and set aside time you hate to give up on it--you just want to get it over.

    At the point when you lost confidence in the dr. to do the procedure properly, it was time to leave (that's my criteria--when I've lost confidence in a dr. I'm finding someone else). Perhaps you were emotional but the office situation there contributed to it, so I don't think you were off-base. I'm sorry you went thru this. and YES he should've let you go as soon as you said you wanted to leave. JMHO. ((hugs))
  3. Oye!!! Reading your post is making my teeth ache. I'm sorry you went through all that BS. I would definitely consider boxermom's advice... I personally go by friend's recommendations and check them out first. Goodluck on finding a better dentist! And I hope you'll feel better soon!
  4. I do not think you overreacted. This is surgery. You have to have confidence in a doctor to go through with it, for your mental health. Your feeling effect your healing, and the results could have been horrible. You got away just in time, I think. It could have gone well, but it also could have gone wrong.
  5. he sounds v patronising and you were right to be anoyed. i cant believe he was just gona pull your wisdom teeth out. if you have that done where i live they usually take you into hospital for the day because its a difficult procedure.
    dont let this put you off the dentist though
  6. I've had teeth extracted twice, and never did they do while I was awake. You need to find yourself a better oral surgeon.
  7. Aww I'm sorry you had a bad experience, I had 4 wisdom teeth extracted at once only using injected local anesthesia with no muscle relaxers and I had about 70 shots that hurt like crazy for the first 15 or so injections, the dentist has to numb your gums in order to spare you from greater pain. The injections hurt cause the dentist has to make sure that the anesthesia penetrates throughout your mouth.

    Yes I am hardcore and I drove myself home afterwards, it was my choice. The dentist office didn't let me leave right after either cause he wanted to make sure the bleeding in my mouth had stopped and that I was ok to drive. The calling you honey part is kinda inappropriate though. If you don't think you can handle the pain then you should have the surgery performed under general anesthesia rather than local.

    This may sound brutal but my densist was very good, I had minimal bruising and swelling compared to some of my friends who had their teeth removed during general anesthesia. I don' like general anesthesia cause I'm afraid the dentist won't be as careful performing the extractions than compared to when I'm awake
  8. Thank you for the reassurance. I was really starting to believe that I was overreacting about everything. I called the dental office to day to file a complaint about the doctor. Come to find out he only comes in once a month because he's a traveling doctor. *sigh* The manager said she'll have a talk with him the next time he comes but that won't be until next month and she'll keep everything I told her on file. Now I have to find another doctor asap so that my regular ortho can go on with my braces treatments. I don't know how much it's going to cost for another doctor to do the extractions, I hope my insurance will cover some of it. My jaw is still very sore and I think I'm going to have to see my regular physician. This really sucks.
  9. I have a bad feeling that he tried to keep you from leaving because he wanted you to pay.

    If I hadn't been called back within 20-30 min, I would have just left, and found someone else to go to. Have you been to this doctor before? Sounds like his mind was on something else, which is real scary.
  10. No, not at all!

    If something seems wrong in a dentist's office or a doctors office then leave! If anything goes wrong it could be really serious.

    I had SAs calling me honey (and I'm even a guy lol), but it seems very inappropriate for a doctor to do so. Still, some people refer to everyone as "honey".

    Myself, I've also left the dentist before going through with anything because the dentist was not my usual, but rather a young one with unkept dreads and A LOT of Bling on her teeth! I thnk she had like five or six glue on diamnd gold studs on her teeth. >_<
  11. Man, I feel for you! I hate going to dentists appointments . SO it is bad enough you are already on edge then they make you wait then they do all that crap they did toyou! I would be more than pissed! I would call the corporate office or office manager and file a complaint with my insurance company.
    Hope you feel better!
  12. Unbelievable! First to be kept waiting so long is inexcusable. You were given a time for your appt. 10 min more or less is the longest you should have been kept waiting.
    You have a name and that is what you should have been called. Very unprofessional. You were referred by your own dentist who must have given him a copy of what was to be done, along with your original x-ray he took. Unless a long time had passed there was no need for another x-ray. As for him telling you that you needed your wisdom teeth out - that is not what your appt. was for and to think he expected you to just say "sure, go right ahead" is unbelievable.
    You have every right to be upset and to file a grievance and to report him to the dentist that sent you there. I am so sorry that you went through that whole thing.
  13. It seems to me that you acted on instinct, and made the right choice. I think the doctor should make every effort to make you feel comfortable, and it doesn't seem like he was. He sounds rude, so I think your reaction is appropriate.
  14. u were absolutely right hun! to be honest i would have left after first half hour so you really gave him a chance IMHO ! good luck with finding a real pro who will take proper care of u ! :yes:
  15. Just curious...why does it upset women some much when men call them honey? Ladies call me honey or sugar all the time and I have no issues with it. Seems like they're just trying to be nice to me...

    Anyhow...the first issue is them not even telling you about removing your wisdom teeth. Ya know, honestly, I think it's a damn racket! I'm 31 and they've been telling me since I was 21 that they'd have to go, but I've yet to remove them. I'm fine. No pain, no crooked teeth. I think they try to take them out even if you don't really need it.

    However, oral shots will hurt. That's just the way it goes. You can maybe ask for a topical numbing cream next time. The tops are worse than the lowers as the tops require a shot every 3 teeth or so along the gumline..against the bone/teeth, whereas the bottoms just require one, maybe 2 on each corner in the back where it's only gum tissue.

    Still, you're better off going somewhere else. Ask friends for recommendations.