Am I outdated or is the SA weird?

  1. Ok. So i went to the gucci store to find my bf a birthday present. I was thinking either a belt or shoes or maybe a wallet. I couldnt really decide so this SA tried to help me and she suggested....

    a men's SHAWL???

    I was so shocked at first. Do men wear shawls nowadays? or is it not really the kind of shawl I'm thinking of? :wtf:
  2. Sounds like a very creative SA... O.o
  3. WTH? What was that SA thinking? People can be so strange...
  4. Yeah "guys" do wear shawls nowadays...

    (I'm not saying anymore, dont' want to get myself in trouble)
  5. well even if they do...not for summer...actually no i dont think i seen a guy wear a shawl...yep thats weird...what did u end up getting?
  6. ive actually have seen looks crazy hot too! but only super metro guys can pull it off....and mannnnnnnnnnn it looks hot!!

    what did u end up getting? wish ur bf a happy bday for me! :smile:
  7. Yes men DO wear shawls, only they tie them up as scarves. I see this all the time... well, not anymore since it's almost summertime anymore. But YNWIM
  8. OIC. I thought she was refering to a shawl that drapes over the shoulders. :roflmfao:

    In the end i decided to get a belt but they were out of i'm doing an IOU with my bf :wlae:
  9. Oh I thought that too!