Am I out of the loop? - Why haven't I seen this?

  1. I've seen it at the outlets here....
  2. its an outlet bag!
  3. My friend got me the wristlet from the outlet in Clinton, CT for my birthday a couple weeks ago. It's really cute, it has small sig and like you can see in the picture a blue flower and the bee, which has plastic wings and then on the back it has a pink flower.
  4. Really, oh I was doubting myself for awhile if it was authentic. Can you guys help me figure out if it's real. I'm new to the forums and I'm looking at your tips to figure out how to tell if bags are authentic... the fake/worst post is FUNNY :smile:
  5. it is authentic, there are a bunch on eBay

    WELCOME to tpf! We're glad you're here!
  6. I too have seen this at the outlets. Its a cute summery look in my opinion.
  7. It is at outlets near me.
  8. outlets have them for a way better price than they are going for on eBay. i had a duffle. cute though
  9. Hi..welcome to tPF!! As everyone has said, that is an outlet only bag... very cute! also in the future anytime you have a question about authenticity just post a link in the 'authenticate this' thread at the top of the page
  10. What bag is it ladies?
    Can't se eebay from work...
  11. its the outlet version of the straw gallery tote with the flowers on it
  12. OH it is SO cute!

    my nearest outlet is signature free, so i am sure we wouldn't have it... I'm not going to drive 3 hours to find out either LOL
  13. TJ Max has some of the little demi pouches form this line. White Leather with a burlap background behind the flowers. (demi=too small for me)