am i out of my mind? croc embossed problems

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  1. so I never was really a fan of satchel bags, i always liked the big bags I can carry on my shoulder. That was until I got my pleated Audrey in the beginning of August. I realized I love the shape, style, and the fact that i dont need to carry everything including my kitchen sink in my bags, just the things i need.

    so this pce, i decided on getting the croc embossed audrey in grey, and the gethered sophia in black( which i absolutely love, its tdf). Well my store didn't have the audreys in grey so I ordered it. I was reading around on here and read that they were on the way to the outlets. So I was there Thursday and Friday and got lucky yesterday they had them in stock! Two, one grey and one purple! I flew up there on my break and bought the grey and figured id return mine from the full price store and save some money. Well I left with the grey and sat in my car, and could not get the purple color out of my head. So after work I went back and switched it.

    Heres the problem, I like the color of the purple, I actually love it! I'm just not too sure the croc is for me. It seems rather stiff, and I like when my bags slouch, and it looks like it stays really boxy. And another thing is that I noticed it had a what looks to be pen mark on it right in the front of the bag.

    So here is my dilema, should I just return both bags, the grey back to fp, and the purple back to the outlet. Or exchange the grey at the fullprice for the purple, because the leather will soften up a bit?

    HELP!!! what should i do???

    i know alot of you ladied love the croc embossed, so I was wondering if you could give me your honest inputs as this is my first croc bag

    thank you ladies, and have a wonderful weekend =]
  2. opinions anyone?
  3. Hi,
    I can't speak for the Croc Audrey but I do own the Croc Embossed Bone Carryall and mine is soft and does slouch a bit. I happen to love the Croc Audrey when I saw it but I wondered the same thing u did about the leather. It seemed kinda stiff. Maybe someone else who owns it could chime in and give us some feedback.
  4. thanks lucy it seems so stiff, i dont know, ive felt the croc from the caryall before and i didnt think it was as stiff as this..
  5. I don't like stiff leather, which is why I don't have a croc embossed bag in my collection. If you like the bag in THEORY but not in PRACTICE, just take it back and wait for something that you love totally.
  6. my crock audrey is stiff and I like it that way on satchels.. even my lv speedy all of them have pursekets now for soft crock leather thats the black crock leather embossed maggie the original version with houndstooth its sooo soft. It sounds like she is just not going to work out for you take her back and get something you will love not learn to like.
  7. I have only had my croc Audrey for a couple of weeks and I have noticed that it has softened a bit. Not much, but some. It is one of those bags though that will always have the boxy shape and will never be a slouchy bag. But the stiffness in mine has lessened. I really love her!! I get tons of compliments.

    Regarding the pen mark....I called Jax when I heard that the croc Audrey's were going to the outlets (I had just bought mine fp and was angry) and I was told that the only ones at the outlets were damaged or returns. The main bulk of them were staying at Jax and would be sold at full price. I then called my SA (who is also the district manager) and she said the same thing. So my guess is that it's a damaged purse or was returned because of the mark.

    Let us know what you decide!! :smile:
  8. I was torn about croc as well. I bought the gray croc Audrey too but returned it because it was too stiff and boxy. Then I bought the small black croc Sophia, but ended up returning that as well because it felt really dry. I love the look of croc but have decided it's just not going to work for me.

    If it's bothering you right off the bat, it might not be the right choice for you...
  9. I've had my croc Audrey since august PCE and it's softened up alot. If you don't live it though don't keep it.
  10. I have two carryalls. My peony one is soft as a baby's bum. It puddles a bit when I set it down. I got it used off ebay.
    My black one is brand new, and although the leather is soft, it does not puddle. YET. So, IMO, if you give it some time, it will soften up. It might not ever be as soft as a patent or leather audrey where it just completely wrinkles empty, but it should stop being so boxy after a while.
    All the talk of the stiffness is why I did not get one...and now, after having my Carryalls and knowing the nature and differences, I want one bad! LOL!

    Good luck with whatever you decide!
  11. I cant believe they are at the outlets! How much if you dont mind?
  12. /\/\ a ridiculous price. LOL!
  13. Hi, I just got one yesterday and its a bit stiff but I like that it holds its shape well, if I wanted something more soft or slouchy id go with a hobo or leather bag. I think it will soften up over time thou. :smile: If you dont love it, take it back.
  14. well i decided that i love the color of the purple so much! I have been sitting here just playing with it for over an hour now with stuff in it, and with stuff out of it. I noticed that since my stuff doesnt fill it, it does slouch a bit, which is good! So I'm going to return the purple one I got at the outlet, because of the pen mark, and go and exchange the grey one for the purple one. Only one of my stores in the state still had it! The rest sold out, and all of them said the same thing you guys have been told they are not going to the outlet. the only reason i found them at the outlet is because i have the casino mohegan sun near our outlet (if you read the pce cards it always says excluding mohegan sun, so thats why i barely go there to purchase) but anyways the SA's at the outlet informed me that people use their players points to buy bags, and then come to the outlet and return them all the time!
  15. Glad you decided to keep the georgeos purple bag! Now I'm sad to hear that one in particular isn't hitting the outlets. :sad: