Am I Nuts?

  1. Do you think that you can have too many bags in the same line (i.e., Mono Canvas)? I just ask because I just purchased a beautiful Speedy 40 today (I love big bags, and feel like my LV collection isn't complete without a Speedy in it...) ;), but I already have two bags, a Cabas Mezzo and a Looping MM in Mono Canvas. My other two bags are a Hampstead MM and an Epi Petit Noe, so there's some variety there, but do I really need 3 Mono Canvas bags?

    I am justifying it to myself by thinking that I have 1 large shoulder bag, 1 large handbag, and a smaller shoulder bag (for short outings maybe, like a football game or dinner out), but am I nuts for thinking that way? :confused1: My DH says "they all look alike to me!" So, should I keep all 3, or should I sell one? Thanks for your thoughts!!!
  2. No not at all IMO, I'm considering doing the same thing like getting a pochette for going out ( I have a speedy for everyday) personally I would do the same thing !
  3. ^That is why I bought the T&B for quick outings.

    I don't think it is wrong to have too many of the same line. I say keep it. Congrats!
  4. I recently posted my LV collection and while I was taking the pics I was kind of surprised at how much of my collection was monogram. I've since decided to sell a good bit of it to branch out to other lines (azur, damier, vernis...) so *maybe* having too much mono might make things seem 'blah' but I think your collection is well rounded.
  5. I am of the school you can never have too much monogram. It's classic, and you can't go wrong with it! If you love the bag, that's all that matters!

  6. Juat curious... What's a T&B? :blush:
  7. Ok, it just hits me, is it the Trunks & Bags? :p I'm just too lazy to do a search, if you don't mind, how much is it compared to regular mono?
  8. ohhhhhh I love my speedy 40 !!!! Keep it, its truly a classic, and it has such a wide opening! I have alot of mono things too, but so far this is the only speedy I have, and hopefully will add the mirage in Sept.
  9. If you find a line that you love, then I say buy what you want.
  10. personally i feel u have a nice collection :smile:. compare to damier and epi u "seems" to have much more mono but it's not that much yet (ok i know usually SO have a different yardstick vs gf on how much is too much :p). if u prefer variety thn maybe sell a mono and get vernis/ azur :love:.
  11. As long as you love your bags, I dont see any problem.