Am I nuts? (or: help me justify another bag!)

  1. I've been on a purse craze for a while now and I've amassed quite a collection of Chloe bags. I have four Paddingtons - grenat large hobo, black/black with long strap, bleu nuit bowler and a metallic anthracite mini. I *just* got the grenat, too. But - I just came across a metallic mini in aubergine, which is absolutely my favorite metallic. I really want it - but can I justify it?

    - It's my favorite Chloe metallic, and though I really like the anthracite, I loooooove the aubergine.
    - I love its silver hardware!
    - It's perfect for nights out, since it's small.
    - It goes perfectly with almost my entire wardrobe since I dress in mostly black, grey, and other dark neutrals. I also wear a lot of burgundy and other dark reds, which I think will play nicely off the aubergine.
    - My fiance probably won't notice that I added a bag to my collection as I already have anthracite and they are similar :p

    - I don't use the anthracite bag much as it is because it's fairly impractical in NYC - I need my hands free! So I'm not sure how much I would use it.
    - I already have anthracite, which is really similar. Also, anthracite is more neutral so I could wear it with colors that the aubergine wouldn't go with.
    - Metallic aubergine is known for having color rubbing problems, and this bag already shows some small signs of the color rubbing off (but the current color rub-off is not noticeable enough to deter me from buying).
    - Seriously, do I really need another handbag?

    Obviously I am overthinking this - probably because I'm trying to avoid thinking about the next meeting I have to go to at work - but I would love to hear some opinions.
  2. Can you sell your anthracite mini?
  3. I second that! sell the mini anthracite and get the mini aubergine!
  4. Yes you are a raving lunatic but so are a lot of other people.

    Go and buy the aubergine quickly before someone else does!
  5. Sell the mini anthracite! You said in your post that you just "like" the anthracite, but "LOVE" the aubergine...I think thats your answer right there!
  6. If you can afford it, buy it and then sell one of your other bags ;)