Am I nuts for wanting to buy these MJ shoes?

  1. lol, i've seen those... never seen anyone wearing them irl though.

    they'd be too much for me, personally, but if i saw them on the right person in the right area, i'd think they were super cute!
  2. i love these!!!! i always thought they were so quirky and cute..
  3. I have these in the black/white spotted pony hair and I get compliments ALL the time! And they are so comfy but order a full size up because they run super small.

    BUT.....The flats in this auction are FAKE! Do Not bid on these! In fact, I have only seen one authentic pair on eBay yet. Zappos still has them but they are still full price. HTH!
  4. i have a grey patent pair and love them! my favorite pair of shoes. but like the poster above me said, those are fake. don't buy them off eBay, 99.9999999% are fake.
  5. WOW guys thanks for the heads up on the fake. I had no clue :wtf:.

    On Zappos they are over 350 bucks. I dont think it's so worth it after all.
  6. For that price and availability, I figured they were fake. Too bad....
  7. Lol! Not my style at all but they are cute and quirky - and since they are not too expensive I say get them if they fit your personality!
  8. I have them in black pony hair (pd full price :sad: & then picked them up in the spotted pony hair recently on NAP for 40% - I love them! I agree w/ Milana they are quirky and cute - The spotted pair definately get more attention & compliments but the black are fun b/c sometimes people dont notice them at all & other days it seems like all do. They reminded me of a pair of sneakers I had when I was a kid w/ a clown face on top very similar to them :p Just a fun shoe - I also love the whole tongue in cheek mouse shoe/marc jacobs pun. If they fit your personality I say go for it but not off ebay...can you tell I love these shoes?!? :yes:
  9. Never ever ever buy shoes from an eBay seller who claims to have the same pair in multiple sizes. They are always fake.
  10. those are def fake. Don't buy them!
    Personally, I think the shoes are adorable. I'm just not sure whether I would actually get enough wear out of them (I mean for $400, I want to get my money's worth)
  11. don't ever go by feedback when judging an item is fake or not. those shoes @ bergdorf probably sold out quite quickly (note how they're not available now). the above auction is fake because the font is off, the materials look poor, etc.
  12. LOL< very unique
  13. Thanks. After looking more closely I see what you're talking about. The font on the logo is definitely not right and the material on the inside heels looks blotchy.