Am I next?

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  1. Ok, I am more than likely being paranoid because of the many stories I have read here on the ebay forum, but something seems off to me about my package I sent to a buyer. So I looked at the signature confirmation page on the USPS, and the name of the person who signed was no where near the same name of the confirmed paypal account I sent it to. Maybe no big, but then I had them email me a scan of the person's signature and additional information and USPS sent me a scan alright... of a signature blank with NO SIGNATURE! What the heck? Has this ever happened to anyone? I mean, she just got it today, so I am reacting soon, but I can't help but ask.
  2. Oh honey... Don't panic! :hugs:

    I think we sellers are all a bit paranoid due to the current climate; however, I wouldn't panic as nothing has gone wrong as of now. I'm sure the package was signed for by a family member or roommate and the email was just a snafu on the part of the post office.
  3. Thanks Jenay :smile: :smile: I sure hope so! We will see what happens tomorrow ;)
  4. Yes, no reason to worry!! I once had the same thing, only I was the buyer, I got a "delivered" status and a blank signature. Turns out it was a PO mistake, the next day it changed again and it was correctly delivered!!
  5. No need to worry. In my place, the Doorman or the Concierge that will sign for packages, of course will never be my name.
  6. ok, maybe I was just reacting early. I am still waiting to see what happens. Sometimes I don't get any response of feedback for days, or sometimes a couple of weeks!
  7. So did you ask USPS why the scan shows no signature while the page shows someone signed for it?
  8. Okay, I'm thinking worst-case scenario here. If the package was supposed to come with signature comfirmation, and USPS didn't get the signature confirmation they were supposed to get, then wouldn't ANY issues with the parcel be the responsibility of the post office? Surely in this case they haven't kept the 'contract' they made with Priscilla when she went to post the parcel?

    I'm sure that everything will be just fine Priscilla, but I just wanted to point that out. Try not to worry.
  9. Karmen- yes, I sent an email to them about it last night and I am still waiting on a reply.

    coachlover- thanks, I think if something did go wrong, they should definitely be responsible. I specifically wanted a signature, and if I did not get it, they should do something about it in the event that the buyer claims or actually did not get the bag. It says delivered to LA, but it doesn't tell me the specific address for some reason.
  10. so the PO called me about me complaining about getting a blank signature confirmation, so I went to the PO to talk to them personally. The woman said that whoever delivered it just plain old did not get a signature, nor did they write down the exact address where they delivered it. So I still have not gotten an answer from the buyer or a feedback. I am starting to get a bit nervous. I asked for signature confirmation and did not get it. I paid for it!
  11. You would send the buyer a polite message asking whether the package arrived? (And not mention anything about the delivery status/ signature yet)
    I really hope there's no reason to be nervous!!
  12. yeah, I sent her messages... I hope this is not going to turn out bad. She was s nice and was very interested in the bag.
  13. Holy crap! I can't believe that there was nothing on the card. What did the USPS say to you about this?! Did they offer a refund or anything?
  14. lol they offered a refund on the signature confirmation... but that doesn't matter if this turns out I also lose the money for the bag :/
  15. WTF. A refund on sig confirmation? Ok. So the PO can just arbitrarily decide not to require a signature on certain items and then jut refund the shipper?

    You had better talk to someone higher up.