Am I moving over to the dark side?

  1. Hi everyone-

    I finally got my BF to tell me what my Xmas present is (I gave her THE look). She bought me a Gucci!

    This doesn't mean I am leaving the Coach forum, because my Coach children WAY out number this new kid on the block.

    I won't have pics until after Xmas (not sure if you guys would want to see them in a Coach forum anyway), but I was just excited.
  2. CONGRATS, I want to see photos when you are able to take them. I know you will love it! Even though I love Coach... I do own others. ENJOY!!!
  3. Gucci totally rockssss!!! Not that cheap$$$compare to coach but it rocks more!

  4. Wow. Congrats! Do you know which one?
  5. I would still like to see pics hehe.
  6. I agree. Post pictures whenever you can.

    And you aren't moving to the dark side. Now... tell me you are leaving purses and going to shoes... that is the dark side. LOL!
  7. ur not its just one purse....not everyone from now on...
  8. the dark side! teehee. i love tpf. no one else talks this way! :smile:
  9. uh out!!! you might have to change your name to guccifreak, hehe