am i missing something?

  1. at my NM, chanel is never on I need a relationship with an SA? Would I have better luck with my local Chanel boutique?

  2. stuff does go on sale, just that usually the SAs put away the "better" stuff for their VIPs.

    this year it was S/S Acte 1 (baby animals) and mademoiselle along with other seasons' items. its always better to have a relationship with an SA, that way you can preview what is coming up and hear about sales beforehand.
  3. it's VERY possible that it IS on sale, you just have to ask.
    My NM doesn't really keep it out unless it's the good stuff. They keep the sale stuff in a little cabinet.
    I ask periodically to see inside:yes:
  4. Having a relationship(s) with SA is a great idea -- and let them know if something you like goes on sale to keep you in mind. Things go on sale before they go on sale. I know that doesn't make sense. By the time the public sale happens most of the good stuff has been pre-sold to clients (and that's where having a relationship comes into play).
  5. should i try at the chanel boutique, as well?
  6. yes:yes:
    I got a call from my boutique SA this weekend.